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Nu accept cereri de prietenie daca:
*Ai mai puțin de 21 ani
*Ai VAC sau Games ban
*Nu ai măcar nivel 10 pe Steam
*Ai Mai mult de 10 -rep la comentarii
*Ai profilul privat
# Excepție fac cei pe care îi cunosc personal în viața reală

I will NOT accept your friend request if:
*You are under 21 years old
* You have VAC or games bans
*You are below Level 10 on Steam
*You have more than 10 - rep on profile
* You don't speak English
*You have a private profile
#Exceptions are those I personally know in real life

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-rep calling me cheater for walking too fast xDDDDDDDDDD yeah this is a big brain time
J4cK™ ツ Nov 21 @ 11:03pm 
One comment is enough.
qMAx Aug 17 @ 4:18pm 
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