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Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077's Season Pass to drop so I can preorder it.
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1. Persona 5 Royal
2. Higurashi
3. Cyberpunk 2077
4. Dishonored
5. Persona 4 Golden
6. Umineko
7. Nier Replicant
8. Horizon Zero Dawn
9. GTA V
10. Spec Ops: The Line
11. Hitman Trilogy
12. Danganronpa V3
13. Hades
14. Mafia Definite Edition
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Cyberpunk, but with a dead Harry Dresden in your head instead of Johnny Silverhand.

In all seriousness, I think a lot of the criticism I've seen for this game is kinda BS, especially in regards to the combat. It feels fine. You aren't shooting a gun, you're making hand signs to cast spells, it'd be ridiculous if you could spam it at SMG speeds. There's also the fact that you're very limited in ammunition quantity you can carry at once (though additional pickups are plentiful), so I'm not sure it would be beneficial to be able to spam it anyway.

The atmosphere is top notch. There are not many games with this much verticality, and I don't think I've seen as realistic a potrayal of a dense modern city in a video game. You have actual, climbable skyscrapers in this game. You can glide in between large, 5 or 10+ story buildings. You can go explore the subway system. Its very vertical.

The main story is okay, but its not really the draw of this game. Exploring Shibuya and doing the side quests to help the ghosts find rest is the main draw.

Honestly, so far its my favorite game of 2022.

Edit: Also Amenotori X is awesome and makes traversal in this game borderline-Spiderman like.

Update: Achieved 100% completion after 36.3 hours. I still thoroughly recommend this game! I considered doing a run through the games Tatari Mode (hardest difficulty), but honestly after about an hour of playing I don't think it improves the game experience, since what makes Tatari difficult is preventing you from easily upgrading your character, which I don't think really improves the gameplay experience. It would be nice if there were additionally tougher bosses available to fight near the end of the game.
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This little indie strategy gem deserves way more attention than it has received!

A very unique system of mechanics makes this game really stand out from other strategy games, even if its essentially unplayable on higher difficulties because the AI is too good... but honestly, that just stresses how unique this game is.

Give Radiis a chance. Its $6 on sale. There are plenty of map mods where people have put in hours of effort creating custom maps putting them on the Workshop. With mods this game has dozens of hours of content beyond the campaign (which is one of the few turn based strategy game campaigns I've actually finished).

The graphical style also really contributes to the feeling that you're playing a board game, which I really like.

I have 100%'d this game.

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+rep | Great quick trade. Thanks!
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Hey :) Sorry for the weird random comment, but I saw your review on Bejeweled 3 and I just wanted to tell you: there's a very easy fix for the 3D acceleration problem on Youtube. Just put the problem in the search bar along with Bejeweled 3, and you'll find videos on it. I also had that problem :) Anyway, hope it helps o/
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Fun fact. Nostalgia that didnt exist for octopath.. go play the superior live a live that existed way before.
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great trader, recommended!!!

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