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"Mechanised Atomic Engineering"

Using simple mechanics such as grab, move, rotate and drop you have create the specific products by designing an automated machine including the programming system for each individual component.

Howevers with all the puzzle great puzzle games this starts with a simple premisce but builds layer upon layer ontop of itself and becomes something far greater than the sum of it parts.

You may find a solution that works but the game also has leaderboards based on cost, time and size so you can compare your machine to the solutions found by others and then refine your machine to improve your design.

With the addition of steam workshop for custom levels this game has near infinite replayability as you solve new problems and tweak your solutions.

Another fantastic game from Zachtronics
Posted January 11, 2018.
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GLaDOS, Portals, Turrets, Companion Cubes & Vehicular Mayhem.
Enough Said :)
Posted December 22, 2017. Last edited December 22, 2017.
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Early Access Review
"Lets Party Like its 1985"
An interesting spin off from Party Hard that turns the game on it's head by planning the parties rather than killing all the guests.
The game drops you in at the deep end with only some brief explanations about to do things (Hopefully a better tutorial will exist by the time of the full release) and asks you to plan some basic parties to increase your reputation and it takes several parties before you begin to realise what works and what doesnt.

The most important factor is generate hype, the more hype you have the happier your party goers are, but you yhave to balance this with party costs, electricity use and even food and drink costs.

Overall a fun quirky tycoon game with a comedy feel to it that will keep you busy for hours of your a fan of the genre.

+ Fun pixelated graphics
+ Great comedy feel
+ Intresting twist on the Party Hard franchise

- Very steep learning curve
- Very poor tutorial
Posted December 6, 2017.
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"The Blade Runner style game we always wished for"
Once again Bloober team have hit gold with nailing the atmosphere of a horror game just perfectly, from the mix of 80's design with futuristic tech alongide stunning visuals, sound design and plot. Not to mention the Got Rutger hauer to voice the main character.

From the word go you feel like your really there with a perfect sense of immersion, and that is just the basic game let alone the immersion inside the immersion when you enter the mind and dreams of the other characters in the game.

If you love either cyberpunk or horror games then this is one you must own.

+ Perfect visial and sound immersion
+ Intiguing plot
+ Attention to detail even on unimportant items in game
+ Dream Sequences beyond belief

- Some of Rutger Hauer's dialogue/prononcuaition seems forced/strange
Posted December 3, 2017. Last edited December 3, 2017.
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"I felt like Indiana Jones in a Dress"

A great puzzle adventure through a ruined civilisation filled with a variety of small and large puzzles.

+ Stunning graphics
+ Unique language free storytelling
+ Large variety of puzzle mechanics

- Useless Ingame Map

Posted November 24, 2017.
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An interesting take on the puzzle adventure genre with a mix of both tribal and post apocolyptic themes.
The puzzles are based around a possession system where you take control of sufferent types of creatures then using their unique powers to solve the problems
Overall an interesting story and a good variety of puzzles

+ Unique puzzle combat system
+ Visually Stunning
+ A great variety of creatures to posess

- The narrator tends to interupt the gameplay breaking the immersion.
Posted October 3, 2017.
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It is a rehash of the first game including exactly the same puzzles and story with a few minor tweaks and approx 5 mins of new content spread across two tiny areas.

The worst excuse for a Sequel I have seen in my entire life. which is a shame cos I loved the first game.
Posted April 11, 2017. Last edited April 11, 2017.
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2 Ninjas 1 Cup is a retro style platformer with pixel art graphics and simple gameplay mechanics.

Featuring a pink scottish ninja, crude humor and voice acting so bad its good, what more could you ask for :

NOT to be confused with 2 girls 1 cup!!!!

Posted February 6, 2017.
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A simple yet addictive blend of roguelike dungeon crawler and tetris puzzle elements to build you castle as you go.

+ Simple yet effective gameplay
+ Epic soundtrack
+ Multiple player classes (2 starter, 1 unlockable)
+ Differing Level Goals

- Unable to rotate blocks
- Only 3 acts
Posted February 5, 2017.
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Early Access Review
"Oi Virus, Leave my Bits alone"

An interesting blend of the action, flight and strategy game genres where you try to fight off a virus infecting your computer from the inside. The game has a very retro/Tron feel to it.

You play as Flash Bios, a scandisk pilot who must transport Bits (small virus fighing programs) around the computers circuits to fight the virus infection while at the same time protecting the bits for enemy programs and preventing the main data stream from becoming infected.
There can also remove system bugs which work as both currency and a level up mechanic allowing you to upgrade your ship and also repurpose some parts of the system to create new bonuses such as bombs and health packs.

Overall a very fun game and well polished considering it is in early access, The only downfall I can see at the present is while in early access you only have access to one zone (21 levels) with the remainiung 2 zones (40+ more levels) coming later in early access.

+ Very well polished for an Early Access game
+ Circuit board level layouts allow you to see how the virus will spread
+ Simple intuitive controls (Apart from raise and lower height)

- Only 1 Zone currently available
Posted November 11, 2015. Last edited February 15, 2017.
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