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everybody thinks they know me. little do they know, me.
everybody thinks they know. little do me think me know.
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excerpt from Slaughterhouse Five
'I should know, but I don't, so I have to ask,' said Maggie, 'what's the most famous
thing you ever wrote?'
'It was about a funeral for a great French chef.'
'That sounds interesting.'
'All the great chefs in the world are there. It's a beautiful ceremony.' Trout was making
this up as he went along. 'Just before the casket is closed, the mourners sprinkle parsley
and paprika on the deceased.' So it goes.
'Did that really happen?' said Maggie White. She was a dull person, but a sensational
invitation to make babies. Men looked at her and wanted to fill her up with babies right
away. She hadn't had even one baby yet. She used birth control.
'Of course it happened,' Trout told her. 'If I wrote something that hadn't really
happened, and I tried to sell it, I could go to jail. That's fraud!'
Maggie believed him. 'I'd never thought about that before.'
'Think about it now.'
'It's like advertising. You have to tell the truth in advertising, or you get in trouble.'
'Exactly. The same body of laws applies.'
'Do you think you might put us in a book sometime?'
'I put everything that happens to me in books.'
'I guess I better be careful what I say.'
'That's right. And I'm not the only one who's listening. God is listening, too. And on
Judgment Day he's going to tell you all the things you said and did. If it turns out they're
bad things instead of good things, that's too bad for you, because you'll burn forever and
ever. The burning never stops hurting.'

Poor Maggie turned gray. She believed that too, and was petrified.
Kilgore Trout laughed uproariously. A salmon egg flew out of his mouth and landed in
Maggie's cleavage.
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add me i need cool people
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when is gish
noyt gish fish ofcozr
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does fish

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yes, and they're chickens.
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my salad doesnt have any dressing help :rcry: