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journeyman bassist, guitarist, encyclopedia of useless knowledge, aspiring Bond villain, Intermodal Division manager for Viva Trucking :steambored:
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I've been playing it on and off for roughly a year now, and while I heard some negative things about it before, it's definitely a good game, and even in my time playing there has been a lot of good content added, and I've enjoyed it. The developers have been putting some good work into making up for botching the release with all of the hype and letdown.

I really enjoy being able to explore as many planets and systems as I can with my friends, and it's a great, relaxing game when you just want to aimlessly drift through space with no set objective in mind. The one drawback to the game, and it's more of a limitation of how it's made but not necessarily a gameplay problem, is that after a couple of hours you realize you've seen a lot of the same stuff. Hot planets are basically the same, cold planets are basically the same, a lot of creatures might have slightly shorter necks or the spine might stick out a little funny, but after a while you realize that while there is technically a lot of variety in all of these billions and trillions of stars, a lot of the stuff has such minute changes to it that it feels identical after a while. Things aren't so identical that you feel like there's nothing new to see, but they are just identical enough that after visiting a couple hundred planets you start to feel like you've seen what the universe has to offer.

Still, it's a fun game, it makes for some pretty screenshots, and it's quite relaxing to just cruise around and explore alien planets with no real set goal in mind (unless I want one, there is a quest line to do that I don't do)

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