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Easily on of the best racing games to ever be published! Pure racing with good tracks and exploding cars. What else do you need? The graphics are still pretty good, the physics system is amazing and the driving itself feels good and very responsive.

This game builds on top of the first Flat out game by providing more tracks, cars and stunt-races while keeping the same enjoyable racing experience. The cars and tracks are split in three different categories - off-road/enduro, racing, and something that I will classify as hybrid. There's a list of cars and upgrades for each of those 3. Then the categories consist of 10 championships with 3-6 races each and 10 optional stunt races. Then there's the grand finals category where you must complete 4 championships (1 for each car category + 1 that's free for all). It took me near 15 hours to complete all, but some stunt races.

I found it way easier than the first game in the series as you can use the reset button with almost no punishment. Never the less I did enjoy every bit of it and recommend!
Posted July 22, 2018.
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If you are looking for the fancy arcade story-driven gameplay like in the NFS series, you'll be in for a big surprise. This game is all about off road racing with a lot of dirty play and destruction involved. No story, no visual car upgrades, just one of the best pure racing simulators of its time.

Used to play it in the game clubs when I was a kid, but it was too hard for me. Now I decided to give it another try and managed to complete it in a few hours. Although it's an old game the graphics are still pretty good. The car damage and physics are still amazing. Had a lot of fun!
Posted July 5, 2017.
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