:csgohelmet: ¡All other accounts are scamming impersinators! :csgohelmet:

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:bluegem: Don't add me for no reason please!
:bluegem: Always comment why you add me! (I will NOT accept beggers or random people)
:bluegem: I'm only selling skins for Bitcoins & Ethereum.
:bluegem: I'm not accepting trades. (I'm not doing skins for skins)
:bluegem: -> My Rep thread <-
:bluegem: Thank you for your understanding!
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:bluegem: I'm only selling skins for Bitcoins & Ethereum .
:bluegem: I don't sell skins separately. (Only full inventory)
:bluegem: Selling keys for ---$ each (1000keys+).
:bluegem: Selling skins for ---% bulk(s) (1000$+).
:bluegem: I don't sell skins separately . (Only full inventory)
:bluegem: I got more items if you are interested. (0.5$-unlimited)
:bluegem: -> My Rep thread <-
AnZijee cu 6 ore în urmă 
intresserad av att köpa om du säljer, lägger till dig.
Nova™ 15 mai @ 19:15 
i wanna add you becaus your account cool
Šviňa 13 mai @ 22:51 
ENG: Copy&Paste one of these OR write whatever you want and I will rep you back 100%
RU: Пишете что-то из списка ниже , и я вам пишу что захотите :))

+rep best skinseller from all that i know
+rep god of gambling
+rep awp god
+rep fucking cheater :D
best of the best
gg add me
can you sign me??
hy,n i want to trade with you
+rep not scammer
+rep rly good
please add me
Added because I have questions, no begging)
add me , i'm about buy skins
Feryn 8 mai @ 4:19 
Hi i wanna play PUBG with my friends but i haven´t got lot of money...
planti la maceta 7 mai @ 16:05 
que buen sujeto
planti la maceta 7 mai @ 16:05 
hola hi