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Hearts: One year ago, if you told me I'd be spending my Saturday night begging someone to draw more fox tails on a sexy crippled girl, I'd call you crazy.

Amateur: The other girls are a mystery to me.
Garver: They were drunk.
Amateur: Right, they didn't see what they'd wake up to the next morning.
Banda: Implying I stick around to be woken up to.
Banda: You don't steal from a store and then become a regular customer.

Captain Stupid: My mom hits me when I sneak up the stairs and blow on her neck.

Hoa: Have you ever ♥♥♥ while taking a great big ♥♥♥♥?

I like playing bad games. League of Legends, Final Fantasy 14, Mass Effect... stuff like that.

I'm also into anime and fiction in general. Sci-fi and urban fantasy really strike my fancy. Mostly, I just want some good setting and memorable characters. Gimme that and I'll be happy.

My writebin of old [pastebin.com]
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