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i dont sleep often

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First, i really sorry about that.

I can explain everything:
First medic, he wasnt healing our teamates, didnt listen to us. they called alot of times "medic" "medic". he just walked away
and didnt heal me and the other players.

Second medic, he trolled us, we told him stop using vaccinator becuase we are lossing.
He didnt listen and keep using it.

In both situation we had to rep them for trolling the team.

Also I am playing in tf2c everyday with friends. tf2c is the only reason im still playing tf2 beucase this is the only place
that i can get better and without it i really dont have a reason to keep playing tf2.

I wish i had proof to send you but i dont have. Have a good day and I hope you will understand me.
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oak 2019年12月29日 12時10分 
bar mitzva when
pluz 2019年12月24日 11時13分 
dead gamer : (
ybejte a ;( 2019年10月22日 13時11分 
<3 2019年5月28日 22時03分 
free palestine <3
ggolden 2019年5月25日 12時14分 
free palestine
ggolden 2019年3月3日 2時45分 
barely 2 years on steam
6000 hours on tf2