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Sep 4 @ 6:21am
In topic Subclasses
Amazing idea. +1
Sep 4 @ 6:20am
In topic Option to change UI Scale
It would be really nice to have the option to change the UI Scale. I personally want to reduce the size, because the default is just too big and take too much space in the screen. :S
Sep 3 @ 7:01am
In topic Main Menu seems broken
I can't scroll the Options and when clicking to start the Single-Player campaign it keeps opening the Co-Op option instead. :S
Sep 3 @ 4:12am
In topic [Official] Martyr or Prophecy? Q&A
So I don't need to install both games, as long as I own both and if I install only Prophecy I'll have access to the full content across both games, right?
Aug 28 @ 6:57pm
In topic Wonhon: Feedback Thread
Please, make the character walk faster or give as an option to toggle "Run", because is very annoying to keep SHIFT pressed at all times, since the normal waking is too slow. :S
Aug 28 @ 4:54pm
In topic dead?
It's August, 2021, and I wonder if we still can wait for updates and improvements, because the game, in my opinion, is really good and fun, but it could really use some bug-fixing and fine-tunes, especially for controls and UI. :spiffo:
Aug 28 @ 9:30am
In topic Windbound (Standard)???
I'm about to purchase the game and I was intrigued as wall, but based on Steam.DB I believe the other "edition" would be the "(Pre-Purchase)" with the only DLC being "Pre-Order Set".
There is any recommendation for Load Order regarding the Categories of Mods? Not the individual mods, but the Types of Mods... for example, Trinkets should be above or bellow Custom Classes, and so on.

Of course, the instructions in the mods pages always come first, but in a more general context and talking strictly about Categories of Mods, what you guys usually do? :stress:
OMG! This needs to be fixed. it's a huge pain to keep all my Workshop Collections organized without being able to order the items however I want or need. :lunar2020horrifiedrat:
Originally posted by Sr. Xyz:
O Steam é uma empresa estadunidense, e cobra em dólar.
Existem preços regionais diferenciados para o mundo todo, incluindo o Brasil. Utilizando o mediador (BoaCompra), você paga em real e eles pagam o Steam em dólar.

Se você utiliza cartão internacional, você paga em dólar com adicional de IOF. Se o valor do câmbio é atualizado na data do pagamento, não sei te dizer, mas existe sim essa possibilidade.

Recebi uma resposta oficial do suporte Steam que só confirma isso que você disse:

Boa tarde,

Permita-me esclarecer melhor esta questão!

Ao fazer compras na loja Steam utilizando um cartão de crédito internacional, será aplicada a taxa de IOF (Imposto sobre Operações Financeiras).

Este imposto existe para toda compra feita em lojas no exterior utilizando um Cartão de Crédito Internacional. O Steam recebe apenas o valor do produto (em Real, BRL).

Para evitar estes impostos no futuro, sugiro que utilize um de nossos diversos processadores de pagamentos brasileiros.

Nos avise se pudermos esclarecer algo mais.

Steam Support

Ou seja, mesmo que o preço esteja em Real na Steam, a operadora do cartão pode e irá colocar taxas por cima, já que a Stem é gringa. Fiz um teste com outro cartão de outro banco, só pra confirmar, e deu diferença também (porém nos detalhes da transação eles especificaram tudo certinho, de forma bem transparente).

Enfim... paciência. :lunar2020horrifiedrat:

Valeu pelas infos, pessoal.
Gostaria de saber se os valores dos jogos são e serão sempre cobrados em Real, já que são anunciados em Real, ou se há algum tipo de conversão de Dólar em algum momento.

Pergunto pois sempre vi na fatura do Cartão o exato mesmo valor anunciado na loja, nem mais e nem menos, mas recentemente tive uma série de cobranças indevidas no meu Cartão e o PagBank alega ser "Ajuste de Débito" por conta de conversão, mas como nunca aconteceu antes, como disse acima, não acho que seja verdade.

Enfim, o que podem me dizer sobre isso? Alguém aqui já foi cobrado um preço diferente do anunciado por conta de qualquer suposta conversão?

Aug 1 @ 11:57am
In topic Your Top 5 Wishlist for PZ
Originally posted by Gromit:
2 Goals / quests
3 Animations
4 Performances

Jun 5 @ 6:38am
In topic Can we expect new updates?
Not to add new content, but updates to fix technical problems, like the "refresh rate reset", and to improve overall performance.

I really hope so.
Originally posted by Meister:
There's an FPS bug, and by re-saving the options you're reapplying the Vsync setting (or de-applying it). Whatever's going on, it seems to help as you've seen.

I've found this "mod" fixes the bug so that I don't need reapply the settings each time I start the game any more:

Oh, okay... makes sense. I'll give the file a try, but I hope they fix this in the game, because is a very odd bug.

Anyway, thanks for the explanation.
The game seems locked at 30fps, with constant drops, until I go to options and simply save again. I just toggle ANY option, apply and after that it goes to the max fps possible.

Based on suggestions I found in the forum, I decided to switch from Fullscreen to Borderless and lock the framerate at 38fps in the NVCP and now it's all fluid and stable. Cutscenes still locked at 30fps, but the gameplay is always between 36 and 38fps (I use Adaptive 1/2).

Why is that? First time I see something like that in a game. :SBpanda:
May 13 @ 7:37am
In topic CTD when Autosaving
Originally posted by SuperSledgeNY:
It's NEVER going to be fixed since this game hasn't been updated since 2017 and is most likely in its final form. The Weapon Debris issue is a well known problem and has been addressed in this forum countless times.

I never had this problem before (I guess it's because my new GPU), so it was not at the top of my list of things to check.
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