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This is a great example of a incredibly well done indie game. Absolutely flawless in every aspect I can think of. From graphical representation, gameplay mechanics, level progress to humour and level design, I loved it.

You are in a role of one Richard Conway, a freelance thief, or a cat burglar (I like the way it sounds) who finds himself in a tricky position at the start of the game and has to complete all sorts of missions for his multiple employers to get himself out of the trouble, and learn some secrets along the way. The story itself is very interesting and made me play just one more mission, so I won't spoil any of it, just so you can feel the same way I did.

The main gameplay mechanic we have control over is Crosslink, with which we can rewire the building's electrical skeleton, which consits of various doors, switches, lights, alarms and such that we will manipulate to help us get to the intel we want. Different types of guards make the gameplay more challenging and force you to plan your way more carefully. The missions start out easy and ramp the difficulty up as you progress in the game. After every mission a new contract will be ready for you along with the amount you will recieve upon it's completion.

The characters are very well done, and I really liked the main guy's style and humourous way of dealing with things along the way. You can upgrade your character with new gadgets after every mission, and your own stats, such as longer and quicker jumps.
Fluid gameplay makes playing this game an absolute delight and I have not encountered any bugs in two playthroughs (except for some typos, but it's ok :)) I've gone through.

Oh and there is a level editor, so you can create your own levels and spice it up with everything you got, or you can play other people's creations if you are not a creative type.


+ fluid and responsive controls
+ simple, yet aesthetically pleasing graphics
+ great story
+ level design
+ humour
+ level editor

- absolutely nothing

Recommended to everyone, this is a little masterpiece and go do yourself a favour and play it right now. 10/10

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