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What's this here?

Wondering what my picture is? It's a picture of my cat, yawning.

I do not cheat. I've only ever used cheat engine on single player games, and most of the time I use the ingame cheat commands.
I have never used a cheat on a multiplayer game in the middle of a match. I'm just not that kind of person.

EDIT: Sudden VAC disconnections are happening, don't know why. Hopefully I can resolve them.

Gifting of any game on my wishlist would be appreciated.


is "Carl On Duty: Black Cops" a video game?

my friends keep telling me about it but I can't find it anywhere

if it is would you recommend it

Why are you down here?

Oh well, who cares?



Stop going down! There's nothing past this point, so here's some trash remix I found on soundcloud. to calm you down.

*insert remix here* []
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I don't know anymore. I've given up on writing something creative and interesting.

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hi, i send you trade offer :pandafu:
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+rep the remix that he links is amazing
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+rep good boy
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+rep Thank you for using ! Hope to trade with you again soon!
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How can I help you?
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hello i added you