✖✖ KORE By PierceE
Jenny   Ustecky Kraj, Czech Republic
NWWC2020 Head Organiser [www.fsegames.eu]

"The Bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame"

"All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells, are within you."

- J. Campbell

- NWWC 2017 2nd Place, team CZSK Captain
- NWWC 2016 3rd Place, team CZSK Captain

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Favorite Game
Hours played
Mount & Blade Warband PALMARES XDXD
Napoleonic Wars
Regimental Groupfighting Tournament
1st place - 3x (Nr.24, 17e, K-KA)
2nd place - 1x (91st)
Groupfighting 3v3
2nd place - 2x (Holy Trinity + kore XDDD, Istari - sword only)
Groupfighting 4v4
3rd place - 1x (Coloured Boys)
Groupfighting 5v5
1st place - 3x (91st, Proud Boys - sword and bayonet, Proud Boys)
2nd place - 2x (The Disciples, GoD)
3rd place - 1x (Czech Navy - sword only)
Groupfighting 6v6
1st place - 2x (Chimpz, Proud Boys - sword and bayonet)
2nd place - 3x (TFFO - sword and bayonet, TBE, Proud Boys)
Groupfighting 7v7
1st place - 3x (TFFO, Proud Boys, Proud Boys Beta)
2nd place - 1x (TBE)
3rd place - 2x (TBE - sword and bayonet, Proud Boys)
Groupfighting 8v8
1st place - 4x (2x TBE, Proud Boys, Chimpz - 2 swords and bayonet)
2nd place - 1x (Mages)
Groupfighting League
2nd place - 1x (The Disciples)
Napoleonic Wars League
1st league S5 Champion (91st)
1st league S3 Runner-up (Nr.24)
Napoleonic League Cup
Champion (91st)
Regimental Groupfighting League
Champion - 2x (91st, 17e)
Runner-up - 1x (17e)
3rd place - 1x (93e)
2nd place (Team Czechoslovakia) 2017
3rd place (Team Czechoslovakia) 2016
Minor League Warband
1st place - 1x (NNN)

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you are cute kore
Slavic_Shogun Feb 18 @ 3:26am 
Poczešite mne spinku
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lonedoge 🐎 Feb 4 @ 6:08am 
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14thor12 Jan 4 @ 1:06am 
-rep slabý kokot
Coco_Ayala Dec 25, 2019 @ 1:16am 
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