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I'm playing for fun, not competition!

I absolutely don't care if you got more games, achievements, perfect games, astats points, friends or a higher Steam level. I also don't care if you completed a game faster than me, because I'm playing games at my own pace, idle while gaming and even tab out of games for hours.

Friend requests

Please don't add me without a reason! I rarely accept requests, especially when we have nothing in common. Additionally, I will always check your profile if you are a spammer, scammer or cheater. If any of these applies to you or your friends, I will block you immediately.

I also won't add any achievement hoarders or people who "play" every trash game to artificially increase their completion rate. I'm not interested in people spamming my friend activity with this nonsense. Free achievements = worthless.
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Generally, I prefer 1:1 trades. However, I'm not a trading bot and I have to spend a lot of time to complete my own sets as well. If you want to offer a trade that is to your own benefit (only duplicates for me), some kind of bonus is highly appreciated (see below). The same applies to trade offers that would break a complete set.

I am using Steam Mobile Authentication. Trade holds are considered individually. 24 hours are no problem; 15 days.. maybe. If you ever cancel a trade while it's on hold, I will block you immediately.

I don't accept any coupons or in-game items!

Trade offer
STM QuickMatch []

Same Set

:tradingcard:::tradingcard: Mutual benefit
:tradingcard:::tradingcard: + bonus¹, if the trade is to your own benefit (only duplicates for me)
:tradingcard:::tradingcard: + bonus¹, if you are breaking a complete set

¹ card, background, emoticon or gems

Different Set

Probably not interested at all, unless the offer is really good

Emoticons & Backgrounds

1:1 If you want a duplicate; same value
1:x Everything else (depending on item, rarity, value..)
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Created by - Nighthawk
There are many guides for this game, but all of them are incomplete or contain wrong information. For this reason, I decided to create a new guide that covers all 95 achievements.
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