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Personal Achievements

Priority One

Finish the "Priority One" Campaign.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 2:40pm

Giants in the Earth

Finish the "Giants in the Earth" Campaign.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 5:00pm

The Gift of Fire

Finish the "Gift of Fire" Campaign.
Unlocked Sep 14 @ 11:11am

The Only Way to be Sure

Finish the "Only Way to be Sure" Campaign.
Unlocked Sep 14 @ 2:18pm

Didn't Break a Sweat

Finish a mission on Intense Difficulty.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 1:40pm

A Stand Up Fight

Finish a mission on Extreme Difficulty.
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 11:31am

LV-895 Service Ribbon

Finish all Campaigns on Intense Difficulty.
Unlocked Sep 14 @ 2:18pm

Confidence Course

Do a successful Challenge run.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 1:40pm

Overwhelming Confidence

Complete 25 successful Challenge runs.
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 7:24am


Level a Kit to Rank 8.
Unlocked Sep 14 @ 12:02pm

A Personal Friend of Mine

Level a weapon to four stars.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 4:12pm

Fully Rigged

Fill every slot in a perk board.
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 7:07am

Anti-Mutation Station

Eliminate 300 Pathogen.
Unlocked Sep 14 @ 11:04am

It's a Bug Hunt

Eliminate 10000 Xenomorphs.
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 7:27am

Nukes, Knives, AND Sharp Sticks

Equip three attachments on a single weapon.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 3:50pm

Fashion Team

Change your hat and outfit.
Unlocked Sep 14 @ 12:06pm

Red Makes It Shoot Faster

Equip a colorway and decal onto a gun.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 12:49pm

I Think They Like Me

Get grappled five times in the same mission.
Unlocked Sep 13 @ 1:05pm

Improvised Explosives

Kill 50 enemies with explosive barrels or pods.
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 6:03am

My Kind of Crazy

Finish a mission on Insane Difficulty.

Expeditionary Service Ribbon

Finish all Campaigns on Standard Difficulty.

LV-895 Campaign Medal

Finish all Campaigns on Extreme Difficulty.

Reticulum Theater Medal

Finish all Campaigns on Insane Difficulty.


Return 39 pieces of intel.

Keen Eye

Open 50 hidden caches.

Kitted Out

Level five Kits to Rank 8.

All My Personal Friends

Level 30 weapons to four stars.

Glorified Toasters

Eliminate 1000 Synthetics.

Those Things Were Huge

Eliminate 2000 elite enemies.

Burn 'Em Out

Kill 1000 enemies with fire.

High Voltage

Kill 1000 enemies with electricity.

State of the Art Firepower

Collect one attachment of every type.

Ready for Anything

Collect 25 attachments.

Express Yourself

Collect 20 emotes.

It's a Cover, Not a Hat

Collect 20 hats.

Art Gallery

Collect 40 decals.

It's Camouflage on Some Planet

Collect 40 colorways.

Tower Defense

Use 500 consumables.

Supportive Squad

Complete 50 missions without anyone being downed.

Trigger Discipline

Complete a mission on Intense Difficulty or above without anyone taking friendly fire damage.

Got All I Need

Complete a mission without using aid kits, ammo crates, or consumables.

Suturing Expert

Heal your fireteam with an aid kit 100 times.