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Persönliche Errungenschaften
Am 11. Jan. 2016 um 14:07 Uhr freigeschaltet

Brownian Motion

Pass the toilet paper to the Scientist in need.
Am 17. Jan. 2016 um 8:55 Uhr freigeschaltet

Caffeine Extraction

Perform surgical caffeine extraction from 20 vending machines.
Am 24. Jan. 2016 um 7:44 Uhr freigeschaltet

Calculated Trajectory

Kill 10 airborne Headcrabs using the Shotgun.
Am 16. Feb. 2016 um 8:50 Uhr freigeschaltet

Centripetal Attraction

Kill 20 Enemies with the Hivehand.
Am 11. Jan. 2016 um 14:04 Uhr freigeschaltet

Convection Refinement

Ruin the microwave casserole.
Am 7. Feb. 2016 um 5:37 Uhr freigeschaltet

Dead Reckoning

Kill an Assassin with the .357 Magnum.
Am 24. Jan. 2016 um 6:43 Uhr freigeschaltet

Digital Wizardry

Kill 10 enemies with a reprogrammed Sentry.
Am 7. Feb. 2016 um 7:33 Uhr freigeschaltet

Ethically Questionable

Conduct all of the questionable research experiments.
Am 17. Feb. 2016 um 8:25 Uhr freigeschaltet

Futile Resistance

Kill 10 Enemies with Snarks.
Am 24. Jan. 2016 um 5:55 Uhr freigeschaltet

Gray Matter Propulsion

Headshot 20 Enemies with the .357 Magnum.
Am 17. Feb. 2016 um 8:13 Uhr freigeschaltet

Hyper Saturation Conundrum

Drown in Lambda Core's coolant.
Am 17. Jan. 2016 um 9:00 Uhr freigeschaltet

Inflammatory Actions

Kill a Headcrab using fire.
Am 24. Jan. 2016 um 6:19 Uhr freigeschaltet

Kinetic Repulsion

Kill a Marine with their own Grenade.
Am 23. Jan. 2016 um 16:26 Uhr freigeschaltet

Mega Hertz

Kill 5 Enemies with one Grenade.
Am 7. Feb. 2016 um 8:08 Uhr freigeschaltet

Nuclear Fishin'

Kill an Ichthyosaur with either the Tau or Gluon.
Am 23. Jan. 2016 um 16:18 Uhr freigeschaltet

Permeable Infrastructure

Use the alternate path in Office Complex.
Am 17. Feb. 2016 um 8:09 Uhr freigeschaltet

Premature Expulsion

Use an entire clip of Gluon ammo in one continuous shot.
Am 23. Jan. 2016 um 15:33 Uhr freigeschaltet

Prophylactic Suggested

Get overtaken by a Headcrab's ample anterior.
Am 11. Jan. 2016 um 14:01 Uhr freigeschaltet

Proverbial Tinkerer

Interfere with the alarm and laptop in Anomalous Materials.
Am 7. Feb. 2016 um 7:29 Uhr freigeschaltet

Quantum Capacitance

Overcharge it anyway.
Am 17. Feb. 2016 um 10:05 Uhr freigeschaltet

Rare Specimen

Send the Hidden Hat to Xen.
Am 24. Jan. 2016 um 7:36 Uhr freigeschaltet

Remote Detonation

Kill a Barnacle with a Satchel.
Am 17. Jan. 2016 um 8:43 Uhr freigeschaltet

Resonance Procrastinator

Refuse to insert the specimen into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer.
Am 24. Jan. 2016 um 6:09 Uhr freigeschaltet

Unified Coupling Theorum

Help the Barnacle and Headcrab find true love.
Am 7. Feb. 2016 um 7:35 Uhr freigeschaltet

Universal Gravitation

Get killed by your own Snarks.
Am 10. Apr. um 16:57 Uhr freigeschaltet

Prolific Popper

Kill all Protozoans in the Borderworld.
Am 9. Apr. um 15:27 Uhr freigeschaltet

PhD in Pacifism

Don't kill any Vortigaunts in the Borderworld.
Am 9. Apr. um 17:16 Uhr freigeschaltet

The Rarest Specimen

Carry the Hidden Hat to Endgame.
Am 4. Apr. um 17:17 Uhr freigeschaltet

One Step Ahead

Kill 10 Enemies with Tripmines​​.
Am 4. Apr. um 18:04 Uhr freigeschaltet

Stealth Technology

Escape the Hangar in Surface Tension without alerting the Soldiers.
Am 4. Apr. um 18:41 Uhr freigeschaltet

xen when

Wait too long to jump into the Lambda Teleporter.
Am 4. Apr. um 17:05 Uhr freigeschaltet

Our Brains And Your Brawn

Assemble all the possible Scientists and Guards at the end of Office Complex.
Am 4. Apr. um 16:20 Uhr freigeschaltet

Less Than Desirable Consequences

Die in the AMS Beam before starting the experiment.
Am 4. Apr. um 19:04 Uhr freigeschaltet

Orbital Trajectory

Skip the opening Xen island with a secret jump.​
Am 5. Apr. um 14:34 Uhr freigeschaltet

Following the Rules

Use the welcome mat.
Am 7. Apr. um 14:16 Uhr freigeschaltet

Doctor’s Signature

Deliver the finishing blow to Gonarch with your Crowbar.
Am 6. Apr. um 15:58 Uhr freigeschaltet

Gonad Glider

Get whacked into oblivion in the ledge fight.
Am 10. Apr. um 17:00 Uhr freigeschaltet

Post-Mortem Interval

Find each member of the missing research teams.
Am 10. Apr. um 16:59 Uhr freigeschaltet

The Plan

Use Cyanogen to kill Gonarch.
Am 10. Apr. um 17:05 Uhr freigeschaltet

Unquestionably Ethical

Don't use the Cyanogen and let the Gonarch live.
Am 8. Apr. um 14:28 Uhr freigeschaltet

Contest Propellant

Find the snack supply canister.
Am 9. Apr. um 15:27 Uhr freigeschaltet

Laser Immunization

Complete Interloper without taking any laser damage.
Am 8. Apr. um 14:51 Uhr freigeschaltet

Black Mesa Decathlon Winner

Escape the Gargantua’s Lair without taking any damage from Gargantuas.
Am 7. Apr. um 15:58 Uhr freigeschaltet

Anti-Matter Over Mind

Kill a Controller without killing any of its mind-controlled Vortigaunt slaves.
Am 9. Apr. um 16:19 Uhr freigeschaltet

Specimen GG

Take out all three Healing Crystals in Nihilanth’s Chamber at the same time​.
Am 9. Apr. um 16:41 Uhr freigeschaltet

Late for Work

Defeat Nihilanth in under 4 minutes.​
Am 9. Apr. um 16:44 Uhr freigeschaltet

Limitless Potential

Accept G-Man’s offer of employment.
Am 9. Apr. um 16:27 Uhr freigeschaltet

Rather an Anticlimax

Decline G-Man’s offer of employment.
Am 9. Apr. um 16:25 Uhr freigeschaltet

Pepperoni Precipitation

View the *other* secret ending.
Am 4. Apr. um 17:08 Uhr freigeschaltet


Cook a Grenade for too long.