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May 24 @ 11:58am
In topic Monument Broadcast
May 19 @ 2:49pm
In topic Monument Broadcast
Apr 25 @ 8:59am
In topic Broken achievements?
Now achievements fixed in new update :)
Apr 25 @ 8:26am
In topic Awesome Big Update
Jan 20 @ 10:00am
In topic Monument Live-stream
Jan 9 @ 2:06am
In topic Bugs
Originally posted by SlowMoJoe:
The German translation is such that it leaves the player sometimes clueless. "Red key needed" is translated as "Rote Taste erforderlich", where "Taste" is German for a key on a keyboard.
If you want me to provide some corrections, let me know.

It would be great :) I will send the file with the keys for translation later to view and check them :)
Jan 9 @ 2:03am
In topic What game engine?
Originally posted by My Little Penis Is Magic:
Когда вторая часть?
Возможно в этом году будет что-то :)
Dec 18, 2020 @ 11:40am
In topic What game engine?
Unity :)
Dec 7, 2020 @ 11:59am
In topic Global game update
Originally posted by Tindalos Puppy ☭:
I mean... it's better now, but it would have been nice to keep "old" monument around. Like if you were to release a legacy version of the old levels as say DLC for a quick buck, I'd totally buty that.
I want to add an episode with old maps to the current version of the game, but they will have new gameplay. And soon I will additionally post the legacy version on the site. I will let you know :)
Nov 25, 2020 @ 12:12pm
In topic Remap Controls blocks the game
+ Same.. :steamsad:
Nov 8, 2020 @ 2:04pm
In topic way to play the original
Ok, I will upload the old version in the coming days and let you know :)
Nov 8, 2020 @ 6:34am
In topic List of console commands / codes ?
Unfortunately, there are no console commands now, there are only codes:

Press F1 to enable "cheat-mode"
1) "POKOLENO" - Immortal
2) "FPSCOUNT" - Enable fps counter
3) "RAMBOMOD" - Enable all weapons, full ammo, full health and armor
4) "NEXTLEVL" - Go to the next level
Oct 26, 2020 @ 11:51am
In topic not working on 3840x1080p
This bug was fixed in today's update. Check, please
Oct 26, 2020 @ 11:46am
In topic Monument Update 26.10.20
Oct 25, 2020 @ 1:02pm
In topic not working on 3840x1080p
Sorry for the inconvenience, I will try to fix this in the update that will be in the coming days
Oct 25, 2020 @ 4:29am
In topic how about some procedual generation
Great idea, need to think about it and try to implement =D
Mar 16, 2020 @ 9:39am
In topic Please fix it.
Originally posted by Crank:

Please, update the pictures under the new Steam library.
Ok, thx, ill fix it :)
Feb 14, 2020 @ 8:28am
In topic Secrets Guide
Originally posted by Muckelchen:
For everyone having trouble finding all secrets and achievements:
Great guide, everything is written in detail and clearly :) Thank you very much :)
Feb 14, 2020 @ 7:46am
In topic to the dev
Originally posted by Muckelchen:
So, I now got 100% and I also updated my review. If you wanna see it, so you know what I liked and what I think could be better:

I will soon make a guide for the secrets.
Thank you so much for this, I am very pleased :) That's why I redid the game and did not release a new one :) I will look forward to the guide :)
Feb 13, 2020 @ 2:36pm
In topic to the dev
Originally posted by Muckelchen:
A few questions cause I plan to replay this (I played the old version back in the days)

Is Monument now "fully" updated or are you gonna add more patches? Cause I usually like to play the last version of a game.

About achievements, you already told they all work, I hope that is right. If I play it, I also plan to make a guide for the secrets. If I can't find them all, could you help me finding the rest so I can complete the guide and get 100%?
Cause currently I have problems with achievements of a game, I think they are bugged, but I am not sure and the dev is just not responding. I really hate that and I don't want that this happens again.

Does the game has quick save and quick load? For me this is extremly important for old school shooters.
From the update, only bug fixes and minor balance changes are planned if they are needed.
Yes, achievements now work :) Yes, of course I will help you find the missing achievements if necessary :)
Yes, quick save and checkpoints have been added.
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