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It’s not very often that I decide to write down my thoughts about a game, But Noita is one of those games where I feel compelled to do as such. I admire what Nolla Games has achieved with this game so, so much; as a game developer myself, Noita embodies the essence of gaming that I wish I could recreate in the projects that I make a living off of. The world is dynamic and full of immersive experiences. Those experiences lead to a broader story and understanding of the world. There is deep lore. There are mysteries. There is a hidden mystical part of the game that most players will never experience, and developing a game with these features is an incredible feat that leaves me in awe.

I have a lot of fun playing this game, but I feel like this game’s Roguelike synthesis prevents me from being as fully satisfied as I possibly could be from it. I know that the community is up in arms about comments like this - it does indeed go against the raison d’etre of Noita itself. However, I feel like I am a prisoner trapped behind bars, looking through a slit window at a masterpiece just beyond my grasp. Every day I attempt to escape my prison to reach the object of desire right in front of me, but every escape attempt is thwarted and I must bide my time and take another attempt. My progress is reset. I am forced once again to plan my escape over and over again. And to be frank, after 100+ hours, that training is getting dull.

The early game of Noita only exposes you to a limited selection of the game's entire feast of experiences, and only after a few hours of lucky gameplay does the game really open up it’s larder of content. In my rough estimation, 15% of my own Noita runs ever get past this first creamy layer of content, and I want the pie underneath. The curse of noita is this: The more you know about the game and what is available - the more it pulls on your soul to experience what is right in front of you just out of reach - If ONLY you could plan your escape and pull off a perfect run. But, you see, I have a full time job. I support a household, my obligations are many. And because of these things, I will never bask in this game’s glory in its entirety. It is a maddening, un-achievable fool’s errand for most people including myself.

And this is why I must stop playing this game. It is a sickness and addiction. I keep working to get further into this marvelous experience, Only to have to put my keyboard down and work on some triviality in real life. My cat requires feeding. I must do dishes. My girlfriend wants my attention. All of these things pull me away from the time and repetition commitment that this game demands of it’s players, and it feels like I am missing out on an experience that deep down, I know will be incredibly enriching and rewarding.

In a way, Noita is the perfect game to epitomize the entire gaming landscape as seen from an aging game player. Obligation and real world requirements overshadow the time and dedication required to deep-dive into these satisfying experiences. What was once time spent in-game alongside friends for hours at a time becomes a few minutes here and there spent in front of a computer, hoping to find the motivation to boot up a month-old release that has already fallen to the wayside of the gaming zeitgeist. In time, Video games make way for movies and mobile gaming. These less satisfying experiences creep into your life. They fit neatly into a busy schedule and can ultimately be shared with those around us who we are obligated to. Inevitably, the pull of real world obligation overtakes the minor endorphin boost of playing a game an hour here or there, in shadow of its former, fully experienced glory.

This is what will be the death of gaming as my hobby.

Overall, amazing game. 10/10. It is the game that makes me wish I was 10 years younger and had 1/10th the obligations I have now. Bravo to Nolla.
Posted December 21, 2020.
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A beautiful and incredibly short experience fully worthy of a three dollar purchase.
Posted June 2, 2019.
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I went into this game expecting to roll my eyes through the whole experience becuase of this game's hype and relatively mild reptuation but I actually kind of enjoyed the experience. To be honest though, This game was very, very short and can be completed in just a few hours (without spoilers. I understand that with prior knowledge it can be "beat" within like 6 minutes), but I came to own this game through a humble bundle so the length really isnt an issue for me.

Overall, a reasonble, although short, experience.
Posted March 1, 2015.
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