Spyrill   Tasmania, Australia
Check the first completionist showcase below for my latest 100%s.
The second showcase has some of my favourites.

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Happy 26. čvc. v 2.54 
interested in ur gift games
Dibec ❤ G 24. čvn. v 2.10 
+rep great VCD guide:vcdsign:, also love ur 100% collection :flammable:
-CRX- 21. dub. v 13.15 
+rep best achievements guide
KebabMLG 5. bře. v 6.19 
I got cards form legacy game you don't have. Write me priv if you are intrested.
Soviet Groot 5. úno. v 10.30 
are you gay?
Pedrinho Matador 4. led. v 16.52 
sup bro could you review my request to join the level 69 group because when I was at level 68 I asked to join by accident and now that I'm level 69 I wanted to participate but can't help me in this?