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Unlocked Sep 22, 2017 @ 4:46pm

Wake Up!

Wake Up!
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 11:50pm

The only way forward is Downward!

Exit the tutorial area.
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 11:41pm

One down!

Defeat your first golem.
Unlocked Feb 10 @ 12:01am


Sell 5 items to the Merchant.

Quinta Essentia

Obtain 500 Skypieces.

Stellae Fixae

Obtain 1000 Skypieces.


Obtain 2000 Skypieces.

Warp Back!

Use the Mark for the first time.

Gold Rush

Get a Gold medal in the Challenges.

King Midas

Get 10 Gold medals in the Challenges.

Wall-jump Master

Perform 500 wall-jumps.

Wall-run Master

Perform 500 wall-runs.

Double Jump Master

Perform 500 double jumps.

Slingshot Master

Perform 500 slingshots.

Tree of Life

Unlock all Endurance skills.


Unlock all Meditation skills.

Power and Plenty

Unlock all Insight skills.

Spring of Wisdom

Unlock all Wisdom skills.

Inner Sense

Unlock all Pursuance skills.

Better than a haystack!

Survive your own recklessness.


Gather 25 Dry Artifacts.


Gather 50 Dry Artifacts.

Seasoned Stockpiler

Sell 15 items to the Merchant.

Feels like home

Buy all the upgrades of the Old Man's Room.

Giving some purpose

Build four different rooms in the Merchant's Lair.

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