Memorable moments:
Tf2 section:
Sam: Oi what are you going to do if I moved away?
Suzu: Live my life to the fullest.
Sam: Curse you cold blooded heartless monster! At least show me a bit of feelings of yours...
Suzu: You still own me 5 keys remember to pay me when you move away.

Kruger: Suzu did 9/11
Suzu: Admitted, your house is next stop.

"Uncooked ramen language guy": Suzu you noob *Start shouting moon rune on his mic*
Suzu: I'm not good at the game, admitted at least I'm not bottom....

Angel 420: Suzu be my heal sl*t.
Suzu: *Switch to medic* Don't shout it out loud...

Angel 420: How much you want to be my pocket heal sl*t permanently.
Suzu: *Remain silent*
Angel 420: Answer me you CykA
Suzu: Give me a medigun with parts and I will accept the offer.
*New trade offer notification sound*
Suzu: *Accept trade offer* Yes of course....

Csgo section:
Billie: Hax on?
Suzu: Not a loser like you to use that.
Billie: Just asking bro.
Suzu: *outplayed him awp vs deagle*
Your teammate (****) was awarded 300$ for the commit suicide of Bot Graham (Player Billie left the game disconnected by user)

Random section:
"if i wanna fap i dont want a bitch getting killed, if i want a bitch getting killed i dont wanna see tits"

Bein' a medic isn't too different from being a soldier. I just kill in reverse
Stay true, Stay Real, Stay away from being Normal !
Until the day i cease to be please at least let me be able to spend a night to stargaze with.......Her
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No matter how our futures tainted will be i will walk this path along with you
It's only fun to live in the present because we know there will be an end
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JoyMynt 10 hours ago 
I don't get the logic here. Calling people salty but calling teammates cancer in "own" profile...
and also there are many hackers, not just one
✪ Maai Aug 19 @ 12:36pm 
MeowBot Aug 18 @ 2:23pm 
right.... "hackers" "Cant win without hack" who said that i wonder?
✪ Maai Aug 18 @ 2:23pm 
you're the one who is salty
MeowBot Aug 16 @ 5:08am 
Yes that's it ribbon
JoyMynt Aug 16 @ 4:50am 
ribbon i assume