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Go ahead. I'll try to answer it, but I'm rather occupied these days. If you want to send a friend request, though, make sure to leave a comment , as I have a pile of them and won't know which one is yours.

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theanonma 11 de Nov às 16:20 
i sent you a friend request, you spoke to a guy named sacnchz in the steamworks development group. i've known that guy for years, he's a bit of a character.
cyanic 1 de Nov às 9:38 
That seems to be expected. Usually a game uses either autocloud or the API, and the API does not show autocloud's files.
jisaker 1 de Nov às 8:19 
For example, 219640 (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare)
After connecting, the file list is not displayed. It is the same even if refresh.
There are titles that work correctly and titles that do not work.

I noticed that those titles that do not work correctly point to WinMyDocuments as the root directory.
To be clear, my user profile does not contain double-byte characters.
cyanic 1 de Nov às 3:40 
Which app ID are you trying?
jisaker 1 de Nov às 2:00 
Hi, your works SteamCloudFileManagerLite doesn't seem to work right now. Can this be fixed?
Sir Toastie 23 de Set às 0:17 
Seems to always be around to help. Thank you so much.