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Blackbrook Asylum revolves around a 20th century derelict Insane Asylum that has succumbed to nature.

Can be used mainly for Zombie Survival or other gamemodes similar to Hide & Seek and Murder.

Map name: "g
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Created by - CWardee
danzzzzyyy Jul 29 @ 4:03pm 
cant find gm_iss in my addons file
Sherman Jun 9 @ 5:41am 
Hii, i have a question for you :Hiii:
Beep - Boop Jun 1 @ 11:37pm 
added for mapping
Fr05ty May 21 @ 2:43pm 
added to talk about your ed edd n eddy map
GarfieldCumLover May 19 @ 6:19pm 
thanks for the ed edd n eddy map man ♥♥♥♥ brings back good memories me and a buddy wanted to do a roplay of their robot episode youre a real one man
You Fool! IM A PRO! May 14 @ 5:52am 
hey i wanna talk this is youtube talk
! imidietly