Mika   Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Just a strange but friendly boy from Germany, who loves listening to good music and playing video games. :aahealth:

Also, I'm the king of the MAC-10's.
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Some things you might want to know:
About me

╔═►Nickname: Cube or Cuberider :PACube:
╠═►Name: Mika
╠═►Age: 18
╠═►Skill: Low [√] Mid [] High [ ]
╚═►Status: Active [√] Inactive []

My favourite things

╔═►Favourite Bands: Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, My Chemical Romance, TØP
╠═►Favourite Artists: K.Flay, Kontra K, Eminem, Alligatoah, Post Malone, TheFatRat
╠═►Favourite Music Genre: Hip-Hop, Rock, Metal, but also everything else I like
╠═►Favourite Games: Destiny 2, CS:GO, Life is Strange, Borderlands, Civilization VI
╠═►Favourite Movies: Tron: Legacy, Star Wars I-VII, LOTR+Hobbit, The Da Vinci Code
╠═►Favourite Food: Pizza, Burgers, unhealthy stuff in general :steamhappy:
╚═►Favourite People: :Dogeface:, :steamsalty:, Da [TULD]-Clan, Senpai

═►My Accounts

╔═► My website! []
╠═► Twitter
╠═► Trade Offers
╠═► CS:GO-Stats []
╠═► SteamRep []
╠═► SteamDB []
╠═► SteamLadder []
╠═► FACEIT []
╠═► Social Club []
╠═► Wargaming{.}net (World of Tanks) []
╠═► UPlay: redirebuC
╠═► Battle{.}net: Mika#22387 (Old: Cuberider#2471)
╠═► Origin: CubeMika
╠═► TS:
╠═► Discord: Cuberider#3702
╠═► Curious Cat []
╚═► Tellonym []

═►My PC specs :LIS_butterfly:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 (4x3.30GHz)
GPU: KFA2 GeForce GTX 1070 EX 8192MB
MB: Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H
RAM: 4x 4096MB Kingston ValueRAM Single Rank
HDD: 2x Western Digital Blue 660GB
External HDD: airy 2TB (3,5" USB3.0)
Cooler: SilenX Effizio EFZ-80HA3
Screen: ASUS VG248
2nd Screen: ASUS VG248
Speaker: Edifier C2V
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma
Mouse: Razer Deathadder Chroma
2nd Mouse: Mad Catz M.M.O 7
Mousepad: Steelseries QCK+
Controller: XBOX 360 USB Controller
Headphones: AKG K240 MKII
Microphone: the t.bone SC-450

═►Games I really like:

- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive :csgox:
- The Settlers: Rise of an Empire
- Life is Strange :LIS_pixel_heart:
- A Story About My Uncle :themark:
- Borderlands , Borderlands 2 & Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel :orb:
- Destiny 2 []
- Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

═►Games I already got 100% of the achievements:

-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (167/167 100%)
-Written in the Sky (2/2 100%)
-One Manga Day (12/12 100%)
-NEKOPARA Vol. 0 (13/13 100%)
-Life Is Strange™ (60/60 100%)
-Life is Strange: Before the Storm (11/11 100%)
-Zup! (118/118 100%)
-Zup! 2 (229/229 100%)
-Zup! 3 (1708/1708 100%)
-Zup! 4 (555/555 100%)
-The Plan (1/1 100%)
-Oik (201/201 100%)
-Oik 2 (365/365 100%)
-Loading Screen Simulator (19/19 100%)
-The Mammoth: A Cave Painting(1/1 100%)

═►Games I want to get 100% of the achievements:

-Borderlands 2 (67/69 97%)

═►Some other stuff:

CS:GO Launch Options: -high -threads 4 -novid -tickrate 128 -refresh 144

NiP da one and only! :LIS_star:
If you have questions concerning my CS:GO-Settings feel free to message me.
You can safely add me...I won't bite and most of the time accept you if your profile is not private.

“We stopped looking for monsters under our bed when we realized that they were inside us.” -
Charles Darwin
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Pitohui Jul 10 @ 12:27pm 
Did you really change groups just to see my rank? BTW that was a great game, well played :)
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Nices profil dude :D
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-rep Aim Locker + Wall Hacker
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cool guy, always funny
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+rep friendly :D
Hashinggudelu May 24 @ 7:16am 
Krasser Typ, absolute Legende!