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Personal Achievements

It Takes Two

Marry someone

Born To (Be) A Merchant

Have a child

It Runs In The Family

Have great-grandchildren while you are still alive

Master & Commander

Reach 6 Captain's Points with one of your family members


Win a naval battle

All Or Nothing

Board three enemy transporters in one naval battle

Calculated Risk

Win a ship battle without using any extra cannons and shields

Undamaged Goods

Win a ship battle without taking damage to your transporters


Sell the most needed good to a city and make a profit

By A Good Margin

Make a profit of more than 250 silver in one transaction

Fortune Smiles

Own more than 35.000 silver

From Rags To Riches

Own more than 350.000 silver

Against The Odds

Sell a good and make a profit despite a sales tariff of at least 5%

Sea Legs

Buy your first ship

Well Prepared

Have a full convoy with all three ship classes

Transatlantic Trade

Establish your first automatic trade route between Europe and the New World

Local Power

Become mayor in a city

City Dwellers

Have the majority of mayor posts of all Hanse cities

Reversal Of Fortune

Have the highest reputation among all three families in the Hanse Council

Grey Power

Become Elderman of the Hanse with your starting character

Walk The Talk

Declare war on another trade guild and win the next naval battle against them

A Friend In Need

Declare diplomatic relations towards another guild

Major Player

Win mayor elections against candidates of all other five trade guilds

Evil Cargo

Infect the city of another trade guild with the plague

One Of The First

Reach the new world by ship in 1492


Introduce an american good in Europe by fulfilling enough city tasks

Tastes Like Home

Deliver a European good to the New World and make a profit

Alternate History

Bring five different American cities to the Hanse by becoming mayor


Have five agents in Havanna, St.Croix, Cork, Lübeck and Novgorod at the same time