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So You Want To Be A Heroine

Find your first food

Apprentice Warrior

Reach chapter 2 as warrior

Adept Warrior

Reach chapter 3 as warrior

Master Warrior

Reach chapter 4 as warrior

Legendary Warrior

Complete the game as warrior


Obtain Balmung

Ultimate Warrior

Reach maximum score as warrior

Apprentice Sorceress

Reach chapter 2 as sorceress

Adept Sorceress

Reach chapter 3 as sorceress

Master Sorceress

Reach chapter 4 as sorceress

Legendary Sorceress

Complete the game as sorceress


Learn the lightning bolt spell

Ultimate Sorceress

Reach maximum score as sorceress

Apprentice Rogue

Reach chapter 2 as rogue

Adept Rogue

Reach chapter 3 as rogue

Master Rogue

Reach chapter 4 as rogue

Legendary Rogue

Complete the game as rogue

Loki's Trickster

Deal with violent situations without using violence

Ultimate Rogue

Reach maximum score as rogue

Jack of All Trades

Complete the game with all three classes

Grandmaster Heroine

Play the entire game on hardest difficulty

Hurried Heroine

Complete the game within one week

Paragon Heroine

Complete the game with 100 honor

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

Complete the game with less than 10 honor

My Kung Fu is Stronger

Prove yourself a better guardian than Sigurd

Wiser than the Wizard

Prove yourself a better guardian than Aurvandel

Cutting Corners

Steal a quest reward without doing the quest

Bronze Medal

Win an easy victory in the Test of Fate

Silver Medal

Win a moderate victory in the Test of Fate

Gold Medal

Win a difficult victory in the Test of Fate

What a Workout!

Maximize your primary stats

Trial by Fire

Defeat Surtr

Wages of War

Win the battle for Munarvagir

Shadows of Darkness

Deliver the svartalf crystal

Menace to Society

Spend your life in jail

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