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I wanted to love this game. Playing the tutorials I completely understood why reviews said this game is the ATS/ETS2 of the Train sims. I got the same feeling and was eager to start my own carrier/save file. I do have to admit that the game crashed on me once I finished the second to last tutorial. Autosave did its job however and saved before the tutorial began, plus the game offers you a skipping option, so no harm was done.

I thought myself lucky that I didn't encounter any bugs and even considered that previous reviews were exaggerating, but once I started my own carrier and tried to transport cargo from one station to another (appx. 56k km distance, snowy area), I encountered several bugs. For instance, the train suddenly starts to slow down, even though there is no steep hill in sight (or like ANYTHING ON THE TRACKS). Additionally, after standing still, the train suddenly changes into reverse and no matter how many times I *actually* change to reverse and back, it doesn't do anything.

These bugs always tend to happen when a hindrance (in this case snow on the tracks) shows up. No matter what I tried, I can't seem to finish the delivery.

Sadly I'm not able to get a refund anymore since I already played for more than 2 hours in the game. However, I still want to believe that these bugs will be fixed sooner rather than later because I really, REALLY want to play this game. But for now in its current state I simply can't recommend the game (and it breaks my heart to write this sobs).
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