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I'm not one for writing reviews for games. I'll also admit that I wasn't a 90's kid. Maybe I'm pretentious for saying this game gives a feeling of "fake nostalgia-" a troupe or phenomenon usually seen in and enjoyed through an artistic and musical movement called Vaporwave. Whatever your opinions on that are, I know I can't deny the game's ability to pull it off.

Hypnospace Outlaw is a story driven point-and-click game that focuses on graphics, artistic expression through Vaporwave aesthetics, and 90's internet simulation. The game is basic but contains arguably the most iconic visuals of 2019 and some of the most iconic video game visuals of this decade.

No literally, the art alone is that good. You don't even need to look any further than Professor Helper, Gumshoe Gooper, the Chowder Man, a dancing pizza, and the Hynpospace Central homepage to understand this game's iconographic impact. There are even some hilariously bad, yet seemingly accurate, renditions of 90's TV commercials. It's simply an alternate 90's information overload.

Some of the gameplay mechanics and features include wiggling around your mouse to make a page load faster and simple multi-solution puzzles. The soundtrack is also inspired by Vaporwave with endearing tracks soaked in fou-vintage sound effects from some bygone Windows9X-like operating system. Hypnospace Outlaw has so many moments that will make you say "it's so hilariously bad and cringe-worthy that it's good."

Some possible negatives I could think of:

1. Indifference or dislike of the game's fundamental concept.
2. Indifference or dislike of the game's point-and-click gameplay.
3. Wanting more challenging puzzles or just more content in general.

Only no. 3 stands for me. Otherwise it's an excellent game with one crushingly fantastic ending. Based on the story, art, 90's internet simulation, and overall iconography, this game is a growing cult classic and it deserves your immediate attention regardless of what you might think of it right now. Despite its basic gameplay and with upcoming workshop support, I think Hypnospace Outlaw will age like fine wine and transcend beyond the game itself and into popular culture.

Post review edit: After reading other positive reviews, I recommend you read some of them since there are people who have insight regarding the game's world and the accuracy of this mid to late 90's internet parody.
Posted June 27, 2019. Last edited September 25, 2019.
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