Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland
28th | Blaze: Kaunas is best
28th | Blaze: I was born in Kaunas
[ChR] Crowley: I have 357km to Kaunas so we can say i was born there aswell
28th | Blaze: Yes
28th | Blaze: We where born
28th | Blaze: together at same time
28th | Blaze: same hospital
[ChR] Crowley: Same mother
[ChR] Crowley: Twins <3
28th | Blaze: <3

[ChR] Crowley:When am i getting icelandic citizenship?
[18e] Chriseh:U have it already

[5th] alax has changed their name to I give up fuck this.

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Mount and Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars:


[u\On break from NW[/u]

33rd LCpl-CO-Blaze
1pp Fiz(left)-CO-Michus
3rdKGL_Huss Trp(disbanded)-CO-Blaze
Nr5 Fwb(left)-CO-alax
3rd Sjt-Maj (left)-CO-Movement
24e Sgt (renamed to 3rd)-CO-Movement
1ap Por (disbanded)-CO-Husjan
18e FusV (left)-CO-John Price
17e Cad (left)-CO-Pieter
7pp StFiz (left)-CO-aroslaw46
3bap Kwt (disbanded)-CO-Dombrowski
16pu Rtm (disbanded)-CO-Kubano
21pj KprFr (disbanded)-CO-DIABL0
16pp Kpr (left)-CO-Michus
14pp Kpr (merged with 16pp)-CO-Ragen
7pp Fiz (left)-CO-aroslaw46

CO-Commanding officer

Groupfighting teams:

Current: none

Kleist Groupfighting Team
Zouaves of Death
Polish Touch

Mount and Blade Warband Presistent World:

Current Footman of House Bolton

House Glover Ftm
House Reyne Levy

Holdfast Nations at War:

Current Private Ewan Irvine of 92nd Regiment of Foot

LV Rec(went inactive)
84e Cad(regiment went inactive)-CO-Aldemar
79th Cpl(disbanded)-CO-Blaze

War of Rights:
Current Volunteer of 95thNY/u]

Current 1st Lieutenant of 59thNY Company C

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