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In topic How to buy this game?
Originally posted by Arsene Lupin:
So there are still people writing essay-length posts condemning the game and defending the game? Y'all are weird.

Anyway, can someone clarify why, exactly, SCL got taken down from Steam? Whether it's a good game or a terrible game doesn't seem especially relevant: plenty of awful games stay on Steam forever, after all.

Publisher took down the server(s) and seem to be the ones that removed it. Probably because the developer had gone bust while the game needed a lot of post-release support, and the publisher didn't have a way to make that work.

All of the game's DM features, uploading/downloading of user content, LAN co-op, internet MP were tied into the servers they cut off, meaning you can only play single player.

Setting aside the reasons people are (often rightly) salty about this game
- deficiencies as a D&D implementation, as a touted "successor to NWN" and as an RPG, all of which it legitimately has
- numerous "mistakes" that were made in its marketing and sale made quite an enjoyable adventure game set in Forgotten Realms, with enjoyable writing, voice acting and cheesy iwd/bg style combat, co-op was an absolute blast - however with most of its features now disabled it isn't a recommended buy and probably won't ever improve.

I think probably the X4 devs have had a look at Spacebourne or plan to, they will be space game fans, too.

I already have spacebourne wishlisted - good, is it?

It doesn't look like it has the same objectives as the main X games.

The universe simulation and the freedom to do many things, fly many ships is a much bigger focus for main X games than high production values/script writing (which tends to be easier if you restrict the scope of your content.... ie the opposite of a game like X4).
Feb 6 @ 10:06am
In topic Why mixed reviews ? Only 43% positive ?
Originally posted by Cypher:
And these last 10 posts just prove the point I was trying to make before that troll (Hi Joseph!:cozybethesda:) tried to derail my posts... kerb are wholly to blame for this mess! And certainly didn't help themselves in the launch aftermath

Quite possibly, but the publisher bears ultimate responsibility to the customer they sell the product to and take the money from, and their problems with a third party behind the scenes are really just that - their problems.

If the developer is a bit crap (and maybe that's what happened here), the publisher is still then responsible for the decisions they take on supporting the product, ie how they meet their basic obligations to the customer.

The early 2010s were pretty rough for PC gamers anyway - it takes special effort for your support of your products to stick out as particularly crap in the time that gave us Total War: Rome II, Aliens: Colonial Marines, X: Rebirth ...and so on.

Talk aside, this game would be bloody brilliant if it had even just had the bugs and memory leaks fixed up.
Feb 3 @ 1:38pm
In topic Controller?
Originally posted by Zakjenala:
Originally posted by Billy Butcher:
Same here as it always was on windows 7 with an x360 controller - pictures of xbox controllers all over the place through the config and intro, xbox button prompts all the through the game, but no recognition of an xbox controller using the official drivers, unless you force it with Big Picture mode or x360ce.

Strange, because last time i tried the game worked perfectly. Could be a W7 related issue. Since i have w10 installed i do not have this problem anymore.

Also, w7 isn't supported anymore by Microsoft. Time for a change buddy :D.

Yeh, on Windows 10 it seems to be fine, just chipping in with the w7 situation. Waiting for my favourite games to support an upgrade before I finally remove windows 7, but that's another story for another thread :)
Feb 3 @ 5:53am
In topic Controller?
Same here as it always was on windows 7 with an x360 controller - pictures of xbox controllers all over the place through the config and intro, xbox button prompts all the through the game, but no recognition of an xbox controller using the official drivers, unless you force it with Big Picture mode or x360ce.
Originally posted by Dizzy Ioeuy:
It could be a new side gig... program in things you know will annoy at least a few people and that can't be modded at all. Wait for bounty. Program crap choice out and collect bounty. LOL!
Wait why aren't they moddable? They're moddable in other recent Total War games.
Jan 25 @ 3:29am
In topic How is the campaign?
The Thrones campaigns I've played have been rather good.

Paths to victory conditions can be quite short and the scope portrayed is quite small and tightly focused (it being a Saga game as opposed to a sprawling empire-builder). Still, it varies enough from the "standard formula" of TW games to provide interest and get you changing strategy/goals.

I'd like to see a TW game expand the way things are done here into a grander setting like eg: Late Mediaeval Europe.
Jan 25 @ 2:41am
In topic When is the next game?
Thank you Fried Noodles :)
Jan 24 @ 5:10pm
In topic Exploring + "Eek, I gotta go!" = ???
Originally posted by BionicDance:
There's nothing quite like the feeling of planting your first flag on virgin territory in ED. Probably won't be long before it's the first of a long list and you've forgotten where it was, though :D

Well, perhaps. I'm just glad to have ticked that box on my bucket list.


Oh I definitely wasn't disparaging the experience - checking that box is one of my favourite memories playing this game. I bet you end up with quite a collection though :)

Jan 24 @ 4:23pm
In topic When is the next game?
Hi TW fans!

Just thought I'd drop by and ask if anyone has heard of any new TW games coming up in the near future?

I watched some videos and they were mostly about the current offerings.
Originally posted by Uriel:
As for the AspX vs Phantom, I did a bit of research after reading your post. Even though it can fit more modules, the Phantom actually has 10 less tons of hull mass, compared to the AspX, and if this is accurate, then it's only a marginally larger ship :

Hull mass is a whole different conversation and one that makes the dbx look worse than it is tbh, because it has the same as the aspx and a bit more than the phantom, but worse shields, worse armour, worse armour hardness, worse internals, fewer hardpoints, about half the cargo capacity, lower mlf, fewer seats/no multicrew, etc. you name it.

Really though it is cheap to buy and outfit and it has a lovely jump range, making it a nice ship for long range travel/exploration.

I think the small landing size is a red herring for exploration, I have never once encountered a serious practical problem with the aspx that this would address... but who am I to judge? The Asp Scout was probably my favourite ship to do canyon runs etc in (better than the aspx, dbx or any krait), and I might be the only person in the galaxy who likes it.
Jan 22 @ 10:31am
In topic Exploring + "Eek, I gotta go!" = ???
Originally posted by BionicDance:
Oh, discovered-but-not-mapped is everywhere.

I wanted to boldly go where no one had gone before.
And now I finally have.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of planting your first flag on virgin territory in ED. Probably won't be long before it's the first of a long list and you've forgotten where it was, though :D
Jan 22 @ 5:43am
In topic Why not make an auto-jumper?
I don't think automation would make this game more fun - I play games where automation is a big deal and really enjoy them, but they have other incentives - this game totally revolves around the hands-on piloting experience, it is you and your ship in the void.

Take that away and it is not like eg X3 with lots of moving parts and progress outside piloting your ship.

I know attending jump sequences feels like it sucks sometimes, but it has its up-side. That investment of hands-on flight time makes the universe feel big and achievements in-game feel rewarding. Planning and executing a months-long endeavour in ED is more "real" than in most other games.

I find the filters generally adequate to the task. Most importantly, they're fast enough to use, which is good considering the large, changeable sets of data and a nice 3D UI. Most things I want to find work, as long as I have gathered the data in game.

I don't mind using third party tools for more complex searches (including other players' data) - the cool things people build kind of add to the enjoyment for me (in other space games as well as this one).
Working for me right now.
Originally posted by Rix:
Same issue here. Logged in fine last night without issue, just tried it this morning and couldn't log in.

Login through Horizons through 'Steam Login' - Get 'Game Access Not Found' error.
Login through base game (Steam Login) - Get 'Update Required' message.

So much for a quick round of bounty hunting!

Exactly this, plus attempting to log into the Frontier store with known good credentials takes me to a page that says:

"Magento Commerce
There has been an error processing your request"
Jan 17 @ 4:59pm
In topic How to buy this game?
Originally posted by DocCovington:
Originally posted by Damn_Monkey:
But don't waste your time/effort/money on it. Very buggy. Poor writing. Bad combat mechanics.
I completely disagree. This game was fun to play through in every regard. It's a classic in my book, and apart from the co-op bugs (which are no longer a problem, since you can't play it online anymore) all game-breaking bugs have been fixed with the last patch.

Shame the studio dissolved. They had the potential to create many more classic RPGs. It's so sad so see all those publishers putting pressure on devs to deliver before the product is fully ready.

Was playing this through and making/playing user content with some buddies - we were really enjoying the gameplay, story and characters as well as the experience of running our own campaigns, and were prepared to wait for eg: character-specific and choice-specifc NPC reactions.

Then the publisher disabled almost all of the D&D party feature set remotely, and that changed it from a game with potential to a game I would advise anyone to avoid.
Jan 17 @ 2:29pm
In topic Mining not worth it now
Originally posted by ShpladeK:
That is fantastic, He is not you, like many other humans, they are not you. You may have made time in your full time job day to play that one game you spend hours of your life on. You cannot say "I have 2 jobs, wife with 3 kids and renovating the house. I made the time to play this ridiculous grind of a space sim.

Thing is I have all of that and the t-shirt, many's the time I only get 10 or 20 minutes to play, and I pick this game because I can instantly be a thousand light years away in the black, and have a drive or fly around a planet in peace and solitude.

We inflict grinding on ourselves in this game, and I don't have time to grind so I don't.

Here's the thing about vopals - FD put something there it so you don't have to grind for months to get a good ship, they eliminated the wealth gap that games like eve suffer from...

... and people still manage to get themselves stuck in a loop of grinding because now nothing else feels rewarding. They can't move from the one task. To me it seems miserable, but YMMV.

Now FD made supply and demand work a bit better. Really this frees people from that loop a bit, because now they must go further afield to find money.

So you can still get a lot of money if you want it + you don't get stuck so badly if you're a grinding addict. It seems like everyone's a winner.

It is not JUST mining I am talking about, that is my new main issue, with many others. The mechanics behind the programming, script code is ♥♥♥♥ed. Network code is a nightmare, they would need to remake the entire engine to change it. instancing is beyond broken, everything they add or change break something and the patch to that fix will break something else. It is a bloody circle jerk at this point. There are many things FD done right, to get you into and playing the game, but you will not get anywhere only putting 1-2 hours into one of a handful of in-depth space sims. For me I learned the really, REALLY hard way. Yes, ED can be a cruel ♥♥♥♥♥ when you are down on space luck, but majority of my issues are with the code and game development it's self. The grind mechanic is on a whole other plane of existence, which is a shame because there are not many simulators like The "Update" is broken, as a whole, the system for supply and demand is SNAFU.

^ If a game was cheesing me off this much I would give it a break and come back in a few months.
Originally posted by Uriel:

Originally posted by Pottross:
Lots of things

That was very instructive, thank you very much.

So basically, the AspX is the superior mean of transportation (and has a kickass view) when trying to go anywhere fast and see the sights on the way. On the other hand, the DBX is no issue if I just want to take it slow.

In the end, since it is ALSO possible to take it slow in the AspX, it might be a good investment.

I won't repeat a long list of other users' comments but yes, dbx -> aspx is natural in my opinion.

Once you have enjoyed the aspx view and a large scoop you may not want to go back - that counts for both "proper" system exploring (where you get a good view of what you are flying over or into or there to see), and boop'n'scoop "exploring" where you are covering big distances (and basically not having to stop for fuel).

If you are the take it slow, whichever ship you feel like explorer (I am) then be a bit careful of upgrading the AspX too much as you can get it to the point where there's nothing compelling to upgrade to. I decided after hundreds of hours in my lovely aspx that I would not engineer it for this reason. That way I could switch to a Krait, buff my jump distance and not keep missing the old ship. The view is almost as good. Almost.
Jan 17 @ 1:18am
In topic Let us have the old library design back
My concerns have a different focus to a lot of the other posters here.

I don't mind my gaming machine needing to be upgraded to game on, for instance I could pop some more RAM in it. As it happens, this isn't now affecting me hugely anyway.

I don't mind Steam updating their UI, in fact the tagging system improvements I really like.

No what concerns me is that as a long term user of Steam I know a lot of people using steam, some of whom I got onto it, and I will quite often buy people steam cards as gifts at Christmas, birthdays etc.

We have quite a little ecosystem going on here, friends, work colleagues, family. Some play on computers they really have for other reasons than gaming, and are one big steam resource leak away from not being able to use their games.
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