The Creature of Crete   Khanion Tou Kokkini, Iraklion, Greece
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Not much to say. I own Katavasis.

"How can you look like such a fucking normie, yet act like the biggest degenerate." -Luca

A retarded slav I've been best friends with for around 13 years :emofdr:
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Hi. Welcome to my Profile.

I am the "Creature of Crete", an SFM-Artist hailing from Heraklion.
I own both the characters "Descension" and "Katavasis" which were created by me.

:spellscroll: I'm a person that silently removes.
:spellscroll: The VAC Ban is from Team Fortress 2. I did cheat, I got punished. I don't regret my actions.
:spellscroll: Ex-Moderator for the Official Madness Combat Discord. []
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Vaneer Aug 8 @ 1:40pm 
I faintly remember you. That's why I stated I found your name via third party. I remember we parted on bad terms.

I don't "draw" My Little Pony Pornography. I do it on Source Filmmaker as a way to scrape by in a country were having 3 jobs won't cut it. Assuming you're not here to joke about it, if you invest at least one thousand hours and do a decent job, you can get some decent coin by people who're interested in what they want.

I've sent an add if you actually want to discuss about this.
dirge Aug 8 @ 1:36pm 
Calm down. Me blanking out my nickname had nothing to do with you. It was for a seperate matter. This is your old pal caamt13.


I was talking to a friend and I remembered you. Could you give me a ballpark figure as to how much money you made per year drawing commissioned My Little Pony pornography? If not a dollar figure could you at least tell me if it was enough for you to live comfortably? Or even scrape by?

Your input would be much appreciated by me and my friends. Thank you.
Vaneer Aug 8 @ 1:32pm 
You uh. You do realize I can search your nicknames via third party, right?
State what you want.
dirge Aug 8 @ 9:54am 
I need to ask you an extremely important question.
Mr Bubblez Jun 12 @ 6:40am 
eh dosnt matter o3o i wish u a good year!
Mr Bubblez Jun 12 @ 6:40am 
rip just noticed u removed me xD