If I added you I'm probably very interested in an item you own.
I would greatly appreciate if you would at least hear an offer :)
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Matroskin 16 giờ trước 
Accept a trade
Matroskin 16 giờ trước 
I'm backpack tf I'm about the allfather trade offer:demoticon:
ONLYFANSshark0 31 Thg07 @ 6:43pm 
How’s collage
cliché 30 Thg07 @ 8:28pm 
My inventory changed alot since I last made that post so it's probably gonna take a bit to make an accurate estimate but feel free to offer anything for the mean time
󠀡󠀡 11 Thg07 @ 10:22am 
ref > keys
D.G.X. 10 Thg07 @ 4:37am 
wont go lower than 18 k