If I added you I'm probably very interested in an item you own.
I would greatly appreciate if you would at least hear an offer :)
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Some_Random_Guy 15 aout à 0h36 
Sorry you got scammed Rando. Wasn’t me was likely an impersonator. Be careful who you trade with and always double check who you’re talking to
Randall the Crit Jester 14 aout à 7h29 
-rep scammer
Festivized-Nugget 12 aout à 13h59 
Sorry, I was on vacation; to answer your question very late, no I would not.
shark0 31 juil. à 18h43 
How’s collage
cliché 30 juil. à 20h28 
My inventory changed alot since I last made that post so it's probably gonna take a bit to make an accurate estimate but feel free to offer anything for the mean time
󠀡󠀡 11 juil. à 10h22 
ref > keys