Crazy Girl With A Gun
Iowa, United States
Mother of 2. I game for fun and stream on Twitch whenever I find the time.

We're never gonna survive unless we go a little crazy. Seal - "Crazy"
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I'm not one to sit around doing every single side mission in a game because I have 2 little kids and just don't usually have the time. But for this game I took the time. And I enjoyed every bit of it! I've even been working on all of the achievements because I want an excuse to keep playing the game.

At first I thought, ah dang, a pipe? a wooden board? I won't last a minute in this. And I didn't. :) But as it progresses I get better weapons. Oooo a bat! OMG A MACHETE! *Never uses anything besides a machete again.* And running and jumping over everything was ok....but then....GASP! Grapple hook! I love you, grapple hook! So wonderful! I'm Spiderman!

A few days in...I suddenly realize it's dusk and I'm NOWHERE NEAR THE SAFEHOUSE. It rapidly gets dark and I hear terrible sounds getting closer and closer and I RUN AND TRIP AND FALL OVER EVERYTHING and almost kill myself falling off of buildings just to make it back. I peeked behind me while running and almost had a heart attack. D': I <3 you safehouse. I'm never going out at night again. *** NEXT MISSION *** : Go out at night and collect some plants or something of the sort............................... O_O

10/10 Would use my glowing green machete on volatiles again. You don't scare me anymore! (jk) :')

(Btw, I enjoyed this so much more than the Dead Island games!)

Update for The Following: You get to drive cars and run over zombies! What could be better?! Great addition to the game.
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Crazy's Chocolate
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Spookei Sep 26 @ 6:59am 
You're most welcome, Crazy! :slimehappy:
Good to hear you had a good time with your family and apples. :winter2019happydog:
Spookei Sep 19 @ 11:09pm 
:slimetabby::balloon: Happy Birthday Crazy! :balloon::slimetabby:
:8bitheart: Hope you have lots of fun! :8bitheart:
Little BtChong Oct 25, 2019 @ 10:27am 
HAHA, I am back, I went to China for 3 weeks
Little BtChong Sep 19, 2019 @ 11:53pm 
Happy Birthday Crazy !!!!
Spookei Sep 19, 2019 @ 10:32pm 
Awww Crazy, I hope you get well soon~:8bitheart: Teach that virus who's boss!:cosmogun:
Spookei Sep 19, 2019 @ 12:08pm 
:cleancake::balloon:Happy Birthday Crazy!:balloon::cleancake:
Hope you have lots of chocolates and fun times~ :cozyspaceengineersc: