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[H1] A Great And Strong Emotional Joyride! [/h1]

[H1] Summary [/h1]
Tales From The Borderlands is such a well written and comical story from the beginning to the very end. There was never a dull moment, and it never seemed as though the writters were scrambling to come up with something. Several aspects were enjoyable in Tales From The Borderlands, but I think the one that stood out the most, for me anyways, was the soundtrack. They did an excellent job writting and composing the songs. I dont know if it was one person doing all of the work there, or several, however, it is brilliant. A close second goes to "Gortus" :) And even though the soundtrack was my favorite part of Tales From The Borderlands, I still very much enjoyed the story, the writting, the gameplay, the graphics and many other things.

The gameplay was more like a visual novel with choices that made a difference in the end. The outcome of your Vault Team will depend on what choices you make and how you handle each situation. Some do not effect outcomes at all, but most of them will. And you can only make so many choices, so the game does have a little bit of replaybility. I would find it equally enjoyable running through it one or more times, it was a fun and entertaining experience.

The graphics follow the same theme as previous versions of Borderland games. The illustration like graphics are asthetically pleasing and suit this game well.

The only things bad that I would like to point out about Tales From The Borderlands is there are a couple of choices that go too quickly for you to choose. There may be an option to slow it down, I haven't checked, however there were a couple of times that it went by way too quickly and the option wouldn't have made a difference. Also, there were a few times that I got black transparent squares popping up on the screen. From what I could tell, this only happened during the racing scenes. So maybe there's an adjustment to be made on the developers end, however it wasn't that big of a deal.

[H1] Breakdown [/h1]
The content is a decent amount for what you get. I still feel like they could of done more as far as bringing a special bonus mode, or choices that totally went off in another direction. This would be easy to do considering the way the story is being played out.

All of the animations were nicely done. The cut-scenes were enjoyable to watch and there were even sometimes when they were unexpected.

I enjoyed the graphical work in Tales From The Borderlands. When you start a new chapter, there is a narration of the previous chapter with illustrations showing what had happened. I really enjoyed that. Also you don't see the title flash with the opening credits right off the bat, instead they implement it somewhere in the beginning of the chapter, but you don't know when until you play it.

While the gameplay is solid, I feel like it could use a little more direciton in the exploration field. I understand it has to be linear to come to the conclusion of the story, however there needs to be more places the characters can explore with their LB and RB skills / items. This was a big opportunity I think they sort of fluffed up on.

The controls are good and for the most part, it detected what I did, however, there were a couple of times when I did the action correctly, but it did not capture it right. I know it was not user error either, so thats the only reason I want to point it out.

I had no issues running Tales From The Borderlands. I think it's a reliable game and you shouldn't have any problems as long as you're meeting the minimum system requirements.

The user interface was easy to follow and you could figure things out fairly simple. I do wish they highlighted interactive items much better than they did though, as sometimes I could see how it would be easy to miss certain things.

As I've stated already, they did an excellent job on the soundtrack. It is pleasant. The sounds were very good also, I didn't find any flaws there. The sounds were timed well and rolled perfectly in sync with the game.

The story is amazing. I really enjoyed seeing what the outcome would be. Sometimes it made you laugh, sometimes cry, and at other points, you'd be mad at someone. There are a few twists and turns that were unexpected, but all of them were enjoyable.

The community on Steam really likes Tales From The Borderlands, and rightfully so. It's a great work of art, and I can see why others would recommend it to others.

[H1] Conclusion [/h1]
Tales From The Borderlands is a great experience, and I'd recommend it to anybody. From beginning to the end it was fun and entertaining. The humor will have you laughing at times, the drama may have you sad or mad at times, and the story with it's twists and turns will keep you interested to see what happens next.

I do believe the price point is slightly high for the amount of game you get here, however for all the fun you'll have playing along, I think it's safe to say that it'd be worth a purchase when it goes on sale for sure.

They left the ending open to a sequel, and a lot of people are clamoring about that on their Discussion Boards. I'd really like to see a sequel myself. However, I do hope that they learn from their mistakes on this one, so that they can improve upon them in the next. It'd be nice to have an aspect of freedom. Like being able to shoot skags or just simply exploring further to find some useful items and actually being able to use them for other things.

You guys really did a great job on making Tales From The Borderlands. That's why we're adding it to the Games You Absolutely Must Have list of games we recommend. Swing on by to find some more titles like this one that you'll enjoy spending your time in. We only post games that will keep you entertained time and time again, never games that will just sit there and never get played.

If you do decide to check us out, be sure to look at the Announcements, Discussions, and YouTube Channel for some more Gamertainment, including giveaways, reviews, and maybe some keydrops if you're lucky.

Thanks for taking the time to read our review! Much appreciated!


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