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Well, welcome to my profile!

Don't feel uncomfortable; these rules only exist to get rid of the simplest minded kind of creatures lurking in this unusual place!

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FaceIt []
TF2Center []
TF2Stadium []
Everything else TF2-related should be linked on their website.
I'm pretty bad vs competitive players, but still enjoy the flow of the game.
Feel free to ask me about my Battle​.net, Origin and Uplay account names!

The avatar is a heavily edited version of an awesome image by Manuchi []

"If it makes you sick to your stomach acid
Indigestion, my suggestion’s Kaopectate
If it feels like I'm runnin' away with the game
It's 'cause I am, don't speculate, spectate
All I got is dick for days and insults for decades
But I get by with my wicked ways" -EMINƎM
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Don't ask me about trading

No trade offers or invites by users interested in any of my items.


Mysterious Underground is a deathrun map on Steam Workshop / on Gamebanana []
I'm aware of an issue involving the range of the motivator; feel free to report problems!
Once I have more free time, I might squash all the bugs I can find.

If you are interested in unreleased maps/MvM missions or require an earlier version of a map
leave a comment and I will get back to you. The same applies for other mods and HUD files.

I'm just an addicted gamer with an uncontrolable fanboyism for a certain game.
I usually play TF2 and other action-based, fast-paced FPS games, but I also really like to play adventure and exploration games once in a while.

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I'll occasionally unblock everyone since steam won't allow me to manage it manually anymore.
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gotta move that gear up Aug 14 @ 7:43am 
em add for asking
BlitzJager {Gesäss} Jun 25 @ 11:28pm 
Oh crap, I pressed invite to group button DAMMIT
BlitzJager {Gesäss} Jun 25 @ 11:27pm 
Request to add.
Medieval May 13 @ 2:50pm 
Crazy Gunman May 13 @ 1:02pm 
Sorry, but I have it equipped in 2 of my soldier loadouts and I generally don’t like selling high-tier items. Gonna have to decline the offer.
Medieval May 13 @ 10:31am 
Hey, I know you don't want people to ask you about trading but I'm really interested in getting a hold of the Orbiting Planets War Pig that you have, so hopefully we can work something out.