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girl enthusiast and , profesional gamer:aarracorn::aarracorn:
:saviorsjohn: tekno likes girls :saviorsjohn:
:happyelf: flinch secretly loves dang :happyelf:
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bean's a make her dance
i love boobys (Will sex for free.. CAUNTION: ladies i am HOT )
(Account previously owned by a friend who quit in early 2017, so if you don't recognise me then that's why)
Gaming Adventures
tekno: hi im craty
tekno: im dumb
tekno: Lol

tekno: U suck boy friend penis
tekno: Gay head

tekno: I am australian?? no.. I am JOHN CENA!!

tekno: Craty is so lame

tekno: **Jump down** IM Gay
tekno: that u

tekno: Lick my toe`s Retard
Craty: shut .;..
tekno: F*******k off :D

tekno: u like nut s

tekno: i am not Brain damage
tekno: u are

tekno: U Evil persons
tekno: U just hate every one
tekno: I am sick
tekno: Of u sh*******t
Craty: im sick of u being idiot
Craty: ok ?
Craty: stop being idiot
tekno: False
Craty: fasle like
Craty: u being straight...

tekno: U F***ked in the head Mate
tekno: :P

tekno: holly Shit u are dumber

Craty: u have
Craty: idiot disease
Craty: go to doctor
tekno: Nope i dont
Craty: ya.
tekno: u have
tekno: Gay dicease

Craty: there new movie come out
Craty: call: the idiot movie
Craty: and u main star
Craty: :D
tekno: No
tekno: Why would they Get me to star in movie about you

tekno: craty is cool
craty Aug 31 @ 6:04am 
really super gay
tekno Jul 26 @ 3:47am 
this guy scammed my 2 Keys please be carful when trading:steamsad:
craty Jul 19 @ 3:20am 
haha . Nice joke
tekno Jul 19 @ 3:17am 
pretty cool, but be aware that this steam user is homosexual so keep that in mind before adding him
craty Jun 9 @ 8:51am