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Zach   Windsor, Ontario, Canada
:TeamCanada: Esports Commentator & Tournament Admin :TeamCanada:

ESEA-Main IGL for NERO Esports

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Former Varsity CS @SaintsGamingCA
CSGOCanada []

Event History
-LAN ETS 2016 (Montreal, Quebec)
-MLG Columbus 2016 (Columbus, Ohio)
-GoodGameCon 2016 (Toronto, Ontario)
-Northern Arena Toronto 2016 (Toronto, Ontario)
-Saints Gaming LIVE 2017 (Windsor, Ontario)
-LAN ETS 2018 (Montreal, Quebec)
-Saints Gaming LIVE 2018 (Windsor, Ontario)
-LAN ETS 2019 (Montreal, Quebec)
-Saints Gaming LIVE 2019 (Windsor, Ontario)

Casting History:
- Northern Arena EA NHL Series []
- ESEA Next Big Caster Finalist S32 []
- Collegiate Starleague []
- EGE []
- ESChamp []

Admin History:
- Northern Arena Pulse Invitational - Valorant []
- Pulse Series - Valorant []
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They said it couldn't be done, 5000 hours later and we're here gamers.
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✪ Magician -ioanl- Aug 6 @ 7:05am 
cyberbully, only scores 12 goals cause 13 doesn't count
s4m Jul 9 @ 4:11pm 
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OmegaPepega Jun 3 @ 9:01pm 
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Beef May 9 @ 8:15am 
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FIRE-kun Apr 22 @ 8:05pm 
signed by small pp boy
AznJinx Apr 21 @ 8:08pm 
Just played against you.