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Jul 17 @ 3:51pm
In topic Where's the demo?
I read somewhere there was a demo being released together with the major update?
Jun 27 @ 3:35pm
In topic Release time
Is there preload?
Jun 20 @ 1:53am
In topic Hype
Hyped!! Hopefully Switch version gets English support XD
Originally posted by Ω1084:
Originally posted by Malv:
Japanese, entirely because of Black's accent in the english dub.
Also because I don't like Hit's or 21's English VAs and they're always on my team.
Seriously what was Sean Schemmel thinking with that accent?
Can't stand Japanese Goku's teeny voice -_-
Originally posted by SolidusPrime:
People are too concerned with "tier" lists.
This XD
Jun 7 @ 11:02pm
In topic Summer Sale % Predictions?
30% discount

Hopefully season pass gets discounted too
Jun 6 @ 6:16am
In topic I have to confess something.
gift it to someone else here on Steam
Jun 3 @ 3:15am
In topic Beta pool?
Jun 3 @ 3:05am
In topic Beta pool?
Originally posted by Hoovyspenser:
Originally posted by cr14mson:

You've never played a game that's out on consoles but is buggy as hell on the PC? Good for you then.
If you just gonna resort to insulting people instead of having an actual conversation like a proper human being then I don't see why anyone here should take your thread seriously anymore.
Grow up.
Says the guy who started it. And if you're looking for recent examples, then just look into DBFZ and Ys VIII Steam releases.
Jun 3 @ 2:09am
In topic Beta pool?
Originally posted by Hoovyspenser:
Why would there be beta testing when the game has already been out for PS4 last year?

You've never played a game that's out on consoles but is buggy as hell on the PC? Good for you then.
Jun 3 @ 1:45am
In topic Beta pool?
Is there any closed beta for this?
Jun 2 @ 10:17pm
In topic WTF.. Is this a Joke
May 31 @ 3:05pm
In topic 2018 summer sale date reveal !!!!!
It's already 30% off in other regions

EDIT: Just the base game. Season pass is regular price
May 31 @ 2:33am
In topic For 30% sale, DBFZ raise up to TOP 8
Now they just gotta discount the season pass too... :D
PS1 generation was not a bunch of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
May 29 @ 3:33am
In topic Where is Mokujin ?
Originally posted by Wammbo:
Where is our beloved lord of the forest :steamfacepalm:
Been asking the same thing from the start :(
May 25 @ 5:43am
In topic Game fixed or am I lucky?
Originally posted by 「SUPER EUROBEAT」:
Bought the game after the most recent update and found it to be... completely fine. Everything works. No stutters, no lag, no crashes, no audio issues, no controller issues, nothing. Is this the case for other people or did I just get lucky with my system?
Even during beta, some players (like myself) only experienced minor crashes, save for the global bugs - while others seem to experience crashes every 15 minutes or so. And I was just running a 960m laptop
May 23 @ 7:50am
In topic Did they do something to controls?
it's just you
May 16 @ 8:58am
In topic about offline fight
Apr 28 @ 10:49am
In topic bayonetta or DMC HD collection?
Bayonetta for me. Just felt faster, smoother, and BETTER CAMERA than DMC. Maybe it's just me; ymmv.
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