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Unlocked Jul 20 @ 4:49am


You came back for MORE.
Unlocked Jul 20 @ 4:57am


MORE was not enough for you.
Unlocked Jul 20 @ 5:07am

even MORE

You still craved MORE.
Unlocked Jul 23 @ 11:34am

so much MORE

The MORE you had the MORE you wanted.
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 4:48am

there's still MORE

How much MORE could there be?
Unlocked Jul 23 @ 5:57am

MORE power

Gained MORE power.
Unlocked Jul 23 @ 8:46am

MORE story

Read MORE files.
Unlocked Jul 25 @ 3:36pm

MORE slashing

Seethed with MORE anger.
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 7:16am

MORE shooting

Suffered MORE addiction.
Unlocked Jul 23 @ 6:02am

MORE punching

Felt MORE anxiety.


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