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Feel free to add me! I do clear out my friends list of people I don't talk to sometimes, but not often. ⬇ Info box below ⬇
Dev and Community Owner along with Senatu , and Jailbreak Owner along with SteλmPunke at Phoenix Networks [phoenix-networks.co.uk]
Also a Man Eating Lizard Screenshotter, I do a bit of SFM Poster Making, I code badly in Python, gLua, and worst of all Java; and have devved and worked for a lot of Garry's Mod communities
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Hi! I'm Dino.

I'm a 65 million-year-old man-eating lizard who survived that accursed meteor by hiding in a cave like a coward.
Oh and I'm a space pirate.
65 million years is a lot of time to get good at games and coding so I guess the most interesting thing about me is I'm not too good at both, but good enough for you to check out my Garry's Mod [phoenix-networks.co.uk] Community

Rules for adding me:
•No meteor jokes.
•Tell me before you invite me to your anime group or whatever.
Don't @ Me .
•Don't invite me to games or I'll disapprove of you.
•I accept DogeCoin as bribes.

Things you might be looking for:
My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:45386675
My SteamID64: 76561198051039079
My Card Security Code: 741
My Garbage Site: https://cptdino.space/
Phoenix Networks Website: http://phoenix-networks.co.uk/
Phoenix Networks Discord: https://discord.gg/NJZXyTF
My Discord: Cpt.Dinosaur#1758
Phoenix Networks Group: Here

PC Specs:
Here [i.cptdino.space]
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Cpt.Dinosaur 3/mar/2018 às 11:20 
Oi. Get out of my comments.