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Posted: Sep 29 @ 6:00pm
Updated: Sep 29 @ 6:01pm
Product received for free

Ok. i will leave a Honest review on This. First of all sorry for my bad english, is not my primary leangue. This game is Worst then i originaly thoutgh. First of all you will notice an extreme LAG. secound of all i have not found many elementary settings like changing the control combo presets. They said that this is with a new engine and from the ground up. It is litaraly worse then pes 2017 and FIFA mhm let's say 2005. This is not "the ultimate e-football experience" by far! Now i want you to know that this is a day one review so a lot can change but the simple fact that u have 20 fps is absurd. IT IS very blury and pixelated. probabaly wont buy any DLC or career mode for this.. is litaraly unacceptable. Konami shoud sell they liciences and go make a flash game. Please just don't expect much from this. if they dont fix the absolut lag and bad looking graphics.. i mean dude the PITCH looks like its litaraly drawn on paint on windows 98. If they don't fix this game witch is pathetic pes is oficialy dead!
oh and the premium player pack is 40 euros.. you better keep your money this is just a total FAIL.
update.. did i mention that during cut scenes u have 10 fps max ?
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Sticks5500 Oct 1 @ 4:43am 
People keep saying PES, this isn't PES they killed it. Its now efootball, if anything it will kill Konami but it looks like mobile is where there going.
DBTHEPLUG Oct 1 @ 3:38am 
trash game indeed
loitertude Sep 30 @ 10:37pm 
unlucky 13th comment thinks your all full of shit :BL3Thumbsup:
Kyo Sep 30 @ 3:19am 
yo guys, just to clarify, i play on High, first of all, and i did not say they did not explain the combination, i said they did not have another presets like in previous years, and yeah i said "review" cause this is how steam call this. and stop with the "is a free game" you already know they wanna make lots of cash from micro transactions. i said is a day one review things can change, peace!
Xinra Sep 30 @ 3:09am 
Im not defending Konami, but its a free game. What did you expect?
ChrononX Sep 30 @ 1:46am 
for the first release its fine, i wasn't expecting anything big personally, just need some new patches :) Only reason people get dissapointed is that they thing whole full game is coming on release.
whatsuphelp Sep 29 @ 11:18pm 
this game sucks. Everyone defending it is konamis bootlicker.
DLoza9712 Sep 29 @ 9:56pm 
The gameplay is ok right now. Graphics are terrible but I think this game has potential.
obscure Sep 29 @ 8:10pm 
I agree the game isn't great (look at my review) but you're just saying completely false things. The game does have menus that tell you all of the skill moves combinations among other things, I guess you just didn't look. The graphics don't look that bad you probably just have a very bad computer and can't even run the game on the lowest settings.
pro dota master Sep 29 @ 7:42pm 
Dude Calm down is a Freaking Free Game