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If you're looking for a quirky, fun RPG that simulates the basics of a game of Dungeons and Dragons, then this game is worth trying out. You are given a selection of players with different passive abilities, and are able to invite them to your game as the class of your choice. New players and classes can be rotated in, and you have control over everyone's skills, equipment upgrades and accessories, but not their base stats. You are able to switch Dungeon Masters, furniture, and table items that add bonuses to your game, as well as purchase perishable food items which give temporary bonuses to players.

Fully upgrading your equipment and game room does require grinding for experience and gold, and the game is plagued by seemingly random difficulty jumps as the recommended levels for quests start to outpace your characters' growth even if you complete the optional quest lines. Despite this, the game is still quite enjoyable and charming, as long as you have a soft spot for old school RPGs. However those looking for a compelling narrative are going to be disappointed, as the game's dialogue is riddled with generic stereotypes and frequent grammar mistakes.

So if you're looking for a traditional turn-based RPG with some D&D flair to spend hours slaughtering monsters and levelling up your characters, then this is your game. If that sounds boring and repetitive to you, or if you require an epic story and interesting characters, then you may want to pass on this one.