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"There was a legend, a technique passed on through the generations. A hidden art of Engineering, a strategy that was told to be executed with stealth and precision. To sneak behind the enemy spawn and build a nest. To cause a massive distraction upon your
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Created by - Corvalho
Arch3r | Apr 14 @ 2:36pm 
I would guess you get this question everyday, but do you recommend any resources for people wanting to get into creating tf2 workshop items?
buud Apr 14 @ 9:24am 
workshop request
Ravenholmzombies Apr 10 @ 7:33pm 
Hey, get in touch when you're around
Spectral Chuck Apr 4 @ 2:01am 
Hello, I would love to talk to you about the tf2 workshop.
Colonel $ly Banj♂ Mar 29 @ 6:55pm 
I really enjoy your workshop items! Keep it up mate.
Minoru Mineta Mar 11 @ 5:15pm 
Your chicken dinner enthusiast is actually perfect. It could also fit in perfectly with the game in a way since y'know scouts bucket of chicken.