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This mustache has seen more action than the man behind it


-3 LODs
-Team Colors
-Facial Flexes
-2 Styles
-2 Paintable areas
2,023 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Corvalho, Earl de Darkwood, Big Bob, and Greg
Teebs Jul 5 @ 10:45am 
Hey, when is your conspiracy nut set going to be fully available for purchase? I sent you a friend request so i can ask you about this, please accept dont worry i wont spam or anything just a question and if you want remove me lol
Predenix (GG) Jun 30 @ 9:56am 
I would like to be friends with you so that we may share our passion for Rust/Skins! You are clearly very good. Can we talk ?
Shadow Mario | Jun 4 @ 8:06pm 
Added for discussing about one of your models (I'm brazillian too btw)
TyrantyFortress May 27 @ 12:47pm 
Hey, posted this mod to gmod workshop just adding you to make you contributor.
CheezzTaco May 27 @ 9:53am 
Will Helk choose the conspiracy boots and gloves over the boring blackout set...I want to believe
obama May 26 @ 1:52pm 
Hey, thanks for making the sinner's shade. Good job to you mate.