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Nick went to the store one day to buy some chicken. He got the chicken.
He went home cooked the chicken but it turned out to be the neighbor's chicken that they got.
So he gave it to them. He asked his neighbors where he could get some chicken.
So he went to where his neighbors told him to go. But they didn't have the chicken so they told him that they knew this guy.
He went to that guy but he knew that another guy that knew this guy so he went to that guy he got the chicken then went home put it on the stove then he ate it but it turned out to be his dog so they flew out to africa to bury is his dog but they forgot the dog so the took another 12 hours to get a plane to fly back to africa so they got the dog then took another 12 hours to get back to africa and then they finally buried the dog so they flew back. They found some drinks on the street and they needed a drink so they took a couple of sips out of them then they started to feel weird so they were like high or something then they went to smoke some weed then they finally went back to the store then they got the chicken then they finally ate it before they went to bed. (nick then proceeded to get curb stomped by an alt lady in his sleep)

Written by "copyrightnoname/copehh" on 1/25/17.

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1.45 @ 800dpi

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This is the 2 site version of brickyard, originally a wingman map made by copehh.
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This is a remake of my first ever csgo map, cs_raid.
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