Mikey Dowling   Dublin, Ireland
G-series 7 Lan - Quarter finalist ( Conor, Sami, Toola, FiggyS )
Eire Online - First place (Napje, Deanjb, Skidz, Patton )
Eire Online 2 - First Place (Tobin, DeKayy, Toxik, Nameloc )
G-series 8 Lan - Quarter finalist (DeKayy, Jester, Zippo, KreyZ )
Irish "Pro" League - Second place (Dekayy, Jester, Zippo, Nameloc )
G-Series 9 Lan - Semi finalist (DeKayy, Jester, Zippo, Nameloc )
Dedi-Fire League - Second place (Dekayy, lainNy, Jester, Nameloc, Zippo/Tobin)
Gamercon - Second/Third place (DeKayy, LainNy, Nameloc, Kas)
OneTap League - Second (Dekayy, Kas, Doyle, LainNy)

-tickrate 128 -language bananagaming -refresh 144 -freq 144 -novid -nojoy -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -exec Autoex
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lil bin on the beat
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giz a 25 bag der
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exec girlfriend.cfg... Error couldnt find "girlfriend.cfg"...... cl_righthand 1
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ez bto
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god your so cute lol im having trouble writing this messge cus im scared ull reject me lol ur just so ♥♥♥♥nig huggable >w<, but ya do u wanna go out sometime lol i was thinkin maybe we can goto starbucks and we can go bird spotting together, maybe watch funny fail videos or PewDiePie on my iPhone in the coffee shop while we romantically stare at each other for hours stragiht >w< don't get me wrong i like sex but you look like the type of person i'd just romantically be with and forget all about sex and just give you a snog daily :3