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The trade will be declined if your inventory is private, the bot can't process it if you have.

📌 Commands:

Don't need to use full names in commands The Last will find The Last Breath.
If the bot cant find the item it will list all items it thinks your looking for.

📌 !help, lists all available commands.
📌 !stock, easy way to see bots pure stock.
📌 !price, !price "item name" will show buy/sell price and stock limit for the item.
📌 !buy, !buy "item name" sends you trade offer at bots prices.
📌 !sell, !sell "amount" "item name" sends you trade offer at bots prices.

Please make sure that you are not offering festiviced items thinking that it is a festive one, it is not.

Your trade can be declined for the following reasons:
📌 You are marked on SteamRep or all-features banned on backpack.tf
📌 Your inventory is private.
📌 The trade will be held (escrow/tradeban)
📌 You are offering an item that is overstocked (if you pay a bit extra it will accept, 5% to be exact)
📌 The item you are trying to take is not priced / not from Team Fortress 2
📌 You are not offering enough, try the !price command for the price of the item.

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