Connie (Trans Rights)
Connie   Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
Discord: Connie#5745

I make Pride flag Photo badges in TF2. If you'd like one, don't be scared to shoot a message. I'll also do Flair, Objectors and Clan Prides!

I'm Connie, nice to meet you.

Destroy Capitalism pls
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STABBY_Baguette Aug 13 @ 12:56pm 
EmmaKitten Jul 31 @ 12:54am 
★Nacho Potato★ Jul 15 @ 9:38am 
:O Hey there Inky x3

and checking back to this profile I agree #TransRights
❤~Inky Splaters~❤ Jul 15 @ 9:18am 
Thank you! And gud luck. ^ ^ :3
Connie (Trans Rights) Jul 15 @ 9:15am 
yeah, that's why they kicked you. What a bunch of losers lol.
I'll try to win :p
❤~Inky Splaters~❤ Jul 15 @ 9:12am 
I think that Oob guy kicked me for saying "nice pfp" to you. Lol. Connie, if you are reading this, I REALLY hope your team wins! XD