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Q: Who are you?
A: Name in real life is Game, I have been on Steam for quite a while. (Keep in mind, it goes up every year so just check my badge to see how long it's been so I don't have to update my info box.)
Q: Who are your primary friends?
A: Nomaconv , Coolerific , PinkLime , Tips? , and Sun on a Lad . These are people I really care about and you'll most likely see me talking with them or just playing with them. Overall I've been with most of them since my humble beginnings and can make my day just by saying hello.
Q: Why the fuck has your name been changed so many times?
A: My original name has been Confixil since the start, people know me for that name. But I prefer to change it whenever I think of a good original name. And when I say original, I mean when you search it up on Steam I am the only one who has that name. But one of the major reasons it has been changed is because nobody can pronounce Confixil correctly, and that annoys me. But eventually my primary friends convince me to change it back one way or another.
Q: Your profession in real life? How do you get that cash money?
A: I've worked at Universal Studios Orlando as part time (going to become full time in June) ever since I was 15. I won't be specific as to what section/venue because I don't want people annoying me when I am working.
Q: PC Specs?
A: I get an extremely decent ammount of money from my work, and I am getting this []
Q: Team Fortress 2, what happened to that? Why did you quit?
A: I wanted a new computer, and to start my goal for saving up for a new fancy computer I sold all my items for $343.93 on I am currently starting to move into Rust again, considering how much it has changed since I last played it.
Q: Why Rust?
A: I've always enjoyed the thrill of the Survival genre when it comes to video games. And I have to say, Rust was definately the game that got me hooked onto this concept. Well, I guess you could count Minecraft if you would like to drill deeper into my history of playing games. But Rust got me really competitive and made me thrust into the Survival genre even more.
Q: "Why are you so gay?" - PinkLime
A: Coolerific is the signature gay boy in the Discord Channel, and if I were to go up against him for that title I will surely perish. Plus I enjoy pussy like a fat kid loves cake.
Q: You got a Discord Channel?
A: Yes, it is owned by Me and Nomaconv , we've owned it for a very long time and it's content is as barren as it gets. But we may be creating a new channel with a new name! But for now, the NomaCon Co. still exists at the moment and there's a link to the Discord Channel there.
Q: Favorite Video?
A: This.
Tone Apr 13 @ 6:49pm 
sudz has died tone replaced him
Jensen Mar 28 @ 5:13am 
I can't remember when you added me, also i doubt you remember, but i just wanted to say happy birthday! Hope your day goes well :)
[FX] Poison Feb 9 @ 9:09am 
What's your background name?
Frozone™ Feb 4 @ 6:37pm 
hmu and lets play some mo♥♥♥♥en rust brooo <3
Ryan_Noah Dec 26, 2018 @ 9:40am 
Cuntfixel goes sicko mode
Teddy Dec 19, 2018 @ 12:06pm 
Thanks for the comment my guy :)